Are you engaging your Facebook friends and fans with your posts? Did you know the more that people interact with the things you post, the higher the chances are that Facebook will show your future posts on their newsfeed?

Your fan page followers, group members and personal profile friends all have one thing in common, they are people. They are primarily on Facebook to socialise, they do not want to bombarded with advert after advert about  your business. Your content needs to be interesting and entertain, this will attract more people to want to connect with you and will also mean that more people see your business posts when you do put them up.

As a general rule of thumb, 8 out of 10 of your content should be fun and entertaining and 2 out of 10 should be product or sponsoring related.

Some great types of content are:

Motivational Quotes
People love sharing these, but don’t show other people’s quote images. Create your own picture and put the quote on there. Always give credit on the image to the person who said the quote, as well as including your own hashtag.

motivational quote

This or That
Asking people what they like best out of two simple choices works well, these can be basic things like Pizza or Curry?

A, B, C or D
Put four images on a grid picture with a, b, c or d on each image and ask people to select a favourite – images could be product pics like different shades of lipstick or non-business related like seasons of the year.

These work well in customer groups, asking people what product types they would like more offers on for example, e.g. perfumes, cosmetics, skincare or nutrition.

People love to give their opinions, so ask fun questions, but stay away from subjects like politics or religion!

Lifestyle Posts
Include some posts about the freedom your business gives you, this could simply be things like taking the kids to the park at times when others are stuck in 9-5 jobs. Perhaps a picture of you in a nice restaurant or meeting up with team members.

Funny or Inspiring Videos
You will find lots of videos to share on YouTube, but make sure you copy the share code and paste it into your post. Don’t just click on the button under the YouTube video to share it or share it from someone else’s page. You want people to stay on your page.

Fill In The Blank
For example: The first thing I put on my face in the morning is …………….

Life Tips
Things that you have learnt or read about, you could include beauty and health tips.

Posting puzzles gets plenty of engagement. We especially love the mathematics ones, like what number comes next. We compete with each other to try and solve them first 🙂

puzzle with fm world products

Product Placements
Take pictures with your products within the image at different locations and in various situations.

Try doing some of these posts on your Facebook pages, groups and personal profile today. Tag some people in them, just a few people who you know are most likely to engage.

When you post things like this regularly you will notice a big difference to the likes, shares and interactions you get. People will look out for your posts, you will make them smile, attract them to want to connect with you. From this you will gain more customers and have people asking you about your business.

Don’t forget to tag us in some of your posts, so we can interact with your posts for you as well.

Julita Habet and Roy Strong

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