Smell is an extremely sensitive sense. Various scents take you back in your memories to wonderful places, exciting situations or people who were important to you. That is why perfume is so fascinating – you remember it for a long time. Wherever you go, you fill the space around you with it, and it stays there long after you are gone. That is why it should make you feel confident and exceptional.

Go on a magic trip into the world of perfumes with the 28 brand new fabulous FM perfumes have been launched in the UK today in the Federico Mahora fragrance ranges and are available right now.

new fm pure royal perfumes FM Pure Royal Parfum for Her
FM841, FM842, FM843, FM844, FM845, FM846, FM847, FM848

FM Pure Royal Parfum for Him

FM Pure Royal Unisex Parfum
FM933, FM934, FM970, FM971, FM972, FM973, FM974, FM975, FM976, FM977, FM979



new fm pure perfumesFM Pure Parfum for Her
FM491, FM492, FM493

FM Pure Parfum for Him
FM494, FM495, FM496, FM497, FM498





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Julita Habet and Roy Strong

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