Good Habits Healthy Food

Published on

09 October 2016


Strong Habet Team

29 Examples of Good Habits for You

Here is a list for YOU of some good habits you can consider implementing into your life. These were discussed during the FM World International Motivational Training in Greece and we wanted to share them with you too.

Good Habits Healthy Food

Our Good Habits Checklist

It’s a set of ideas. Adjust it for yourself, e.g. exercise length, workout days, times, and frequency so that it suits you best!

Introducing all of these good habits at once will not bring you the desired result. It’s more reasonable to get used to one new habit first, and once it’s easy and natural for you, implement another one. Your actions will turn into habits with time.

Small, but REGULAR STEPS are the KEY TO SUCCESS when changing or introducing new habits.

Please feel free to share this post with others who you think could benefit from these good habits too 🙂