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10 August 2021


Strong Habet Team

5 Easy Ways to Make Money From Home

Everyone deserves to live a life that serves them, so why are so many of us still chasing a good quality of life through a regular 9-5? Thanks to vast developments in technology, the modern world has plenty of simple and effective ways to make extra money, all from the comfort of your own sofa.

If you’re looking to change your career, make extra money or start living a lifestyle that works for you, we’ve got you covered. Here are 5 easy ways to make money from home that will help you create a more financially free future.

1. Become a Cosmetics Consultant 

The cosmetics market is projected to reach a staggering 463.5 billion dollars globally by 2027, so it’s definitely an industry worth getting involved with. One of the easiest ways to make money from home is by becoming a cosmetics or perfume consultant, selling products to your community without enduring the costs of setting up your own business. As well as educating your friends and loved ones about the newest beauty products on the market, it’s also a great chance to widen your network and learn invaluable transferable skills for the future.

Some of the best things about becoming a cosmetics consultant include:

There are plenty of opportunities with some exceptional beauty companies that will allow you to discover the world of perfume and cosmetics. Don’t be afraid to explore your options – only you have the power to turn your life around!

2. Start a Blog, Youtube Channel or Influencer Platform

While this was once an unattainable goal reserved for a lucky few, the world of influencer marketing is fast becoming one of the best ways to make extra money from home. Whether you have a passion for writing, a flair for video creation, or special talents when it comes to social media, the internet is the perfect place to turn your interests into cash. 

Some of the most popular sectors for making big money through influencer marketing include beauty, fashion and gaming, but there are plenty of other industries just waiting for people like you to make their mark. 

Our best tips for creating the best personal brand online include:

Standing out from the crowd on platforms like Instagram isn’t always easy, but if your message is clear and your passion is strong, truly anything is possible!

3. Complete Surveys to Make Money Online

This method of making money online is a little more unusual, but it’s actually very effective for a lot of people. With the growth of the internet, companies are having to compete more and more for their customers’ attention which means stepping up when it comes to marketing. Having effective customer thoughts and statistics to support them makes the whole process a lot easier, which is why so many businesses are now paying large amounts of cash for online surveys.

If you’re thinking about taking this route to make extra money, there are a few things you should bear in mind before you get started:

4. Monetise Your Skills as a Freelancer

As we’ve already mentioned, the modern world is a lucrative place. Thanks to businesses and communities becoming increasingly connected online, it’s now possible to work from home and be your own boss, all while enjoying financial freedom.

Freelancing is a great way to do this. Whether you’re a photographer, a writer, a graphic designer or a secret stylist, there are thousands of skills that have the potential to be turned into a business. 

Some of our top tips for budding freelancers include:

We all have incredible skills that could allow us to earn bigger and better than ever before, so take the leap and see what rewards you could discover!

5. Sell Your Stuff 

While this suggestion might not seem like the most long-term solution to a more flexible lifestyle, plenty of people are making full-blown careers out of clearing out their old stuff. Whether you want to pay off your holiday debt or build a new monetised hobby, auctioning off your clothes and home goods is a lucrative practice. 

On platforms like eBay, Amazon, Depop and Vinted, sellers can enjoy minimal costs to sell their goods online. These apps allow you to reach much wider audiences than your local car boot sale, as well as protecting you from any nasty scammers.

To make the most out of your online sales, why not try:

So, those were our favourite easy ways to make money from home, If you’re interested in financial freedom, managing your own schedule and have a passion for all things beauty, join our team of thriving cosmetics consultants today.