How To Get More Referrals FM World

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14 October 2015


Strong Habet Team

How To Ask for FM World Referrals the Right Way

It is commonly known that approaching ‘cold market’ is not a piece of cake. We think it is the right time for you to learn about the strategy, which shows the best way to warm up the ‘cold market’ and how to generate leads effectively by getting FM World referrals.

Firstly, think about why people don’t ask for referrals. They might forget to ask, perhaps they fear hearing “no”, they don’t feel confident enough or they don’t want to seem too pushy.

There is a solution, with a simple step by step approach . . .

Step 1 – Prepare Contact List And Prioritise It

Prepare list of contacts, this is the fuel of your business. The more fuel you have got the better, it is best to start with a full tank.

If you have a list, it makes you more confident as you approach each one as you are not just relying on a few people. You have more to talk to.

Do not prejudge anyone. If you do not ask, the answer is always no.

Remember you have a great opportunity to offer, that can change people’s lives. Be confident, you are doing your contacts a favour.

Write down everyone you can think of, don’t use your mobile phone at first. Then add all your mobile phone contacts, Facebook contacts, people from business cards you might have.

Put the contacts in order, with the best ones at top. You will start with the first 10.

You are contacting the people in order to make an appointment, don’t introduce the products or business over the phone.

Generate Leads with FM World Referrals

Step 2 – Aim To Learn – Change Your Attitude

Have the mindset that you are aiming to improve your skills. To practice, ask for feedback, improve and repeat with next person.

Step 3 – Make An Appointment

Contact the first people on your list and say that you would like to practice doing a business presentation with them. Tell them you won’t ask them to buy anything, you just want their feedback.

Step 4 – Meet Your Contact

Meet with your friend, show them the presentation, but don’t ask them to buy. They will listen to you carefully because you have asked them to give you feedback at the end.

How To Get More Referrals FM World

Step 5 – Ask For Feedback

Ask them if they liked the presentation. What did they like best? What didn’t they like? What did they think about the products? What did they think about the business? Make a note of what they.

Step 6 – Ask For Referrals

Then ask them for FM World referrals of people they know who might be interested in the business or products. Have a simple form ready with spaces for names, phone numbers and emails.

The key to creating business contacts is referrals, so always ask for FM World referrals when you meet people and add them to your list.

Of course, they might well say they might be interested in trying some products themselves or joining the business.

Details of this brilliant 6 step system were given on a webinar last night by Corporate Trainer Marcin yesterday. All of us on the call benefited from hearing this great advice and more tips that he gave us about building our FM business.

We are not sure if you were able to watch it live or not, but there will soon be a recording you can replay in the Corporate Training section of the UK company website. Please log in to your account and go to the Corporate Training section for more fabulous training on there about the products, how to sell and team building.

We are sure your team will benefit too from this info, so please share these 6 steps with them and also tell them where they can find other usual Marcin training.

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