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Published on

03 January 2016


Strong Habet Team

8 Mistakes Made On Live Webinars

We watch a lot of webinars and live trainings about network marketing and social media, and as well as the information we have learnt from them, we have also learnt what not to do in live broadcasts, and we would love to share some of these things with you today.

1. Get Drunk

This sounds obvious! But, we have seen one training video where at least one of the presenters appeared to have had too much alcohol. You should also have respect for your viewers, of course you should be sober, presentable and focused on your audience.

2. Be Late

Always start your videos at the time you say you will, even if from your broadcast software you can see that only a few people are listening. Their time is valuable just like yours. 

3. Too Long Introduction

People want to know who you are and what knowledge you will be sharing with them, remember your webinars should be about what your audience wants not simply about yourself.

4. Missing Early Content

People are watching your live trainings to learn, if you don’t tell them something useful in the first few minutes, they will be bored and leave the broadcast.

5. Have Nothing To Say

Be clear in your mind before you start the webinar what you will be talking about and the 3 main points you would most like viewers to take away with them.

6. Be IT Support
It is ok to give a quick summary of how viewers can ask questions, raise their hands or be told about another technical matter at start of webinar, but don’t keep stopping your training to assist those who have computer issues as it just annoys other viewers. 

If you are using a webinar system that viewers might find difficult, simply have a link in the chat box (or below webinar) with instructions.

7. Be Slow To Mute

This can happen when you are using a webinar system that allows viewers to speak within the broadcast with your permission (for example Zoom). We have seen webinars that have been hijacked by people promoting rival companies or just an unmuted viewer who won’t stop talking! You should always be ready to mute people quickly if this happens.

8. Just Do A Sales Pitch

If you invite people to a live online training, give them proper valuable content, don’t simply make the webinar a very long advert for something you are selling. 

If you want to make sure the sound, visuals and content of a webinar is good, the best way is not to do it live at all, but instead record it and share the video or give people specific times to watch the recorded webinar – this is done by many professional online trainers.

Did you find these tips useful? Please feel free to share them.