About FM Strong Habet Team

FM Strong Habet Team is the UK’s leading FM World Team, with over 200,000 members across over 30 countries worldwide.

Julita Habet and Roy Strong have been working together in FM since 2014, and have fast become the strongest force in the FM sphere – being the first ever worldwide to reach Nephrite Star status. Operating as independent FM World Business Partners, we’re proud to sponsor and support a growing network of distributors across the globe in becoming their own bosses – helping build highly successful careers, unlock huge income potential, and more.

We’re known across the world for our ‘incredible positive attitude, determined focus and huge support’ for our FM team. Making a positive difference in lives like yours is our top priority. Our experts have carefully crafted the very best system for sales promotion and team building, meaning that by starting your FM career with us, you’ll have access to all you’ll need to succeed, including unique marketing materials, such as movies and photos, social content, tutorials, guides, and of course – a thriving community of like-minded entrepreneurs! In the case of those declaring above-average commitment, we also offer individual training and assistance in building a development strategy. In short, you’ll never be alone!

We’re currently searching for enthusiastic new team members to support. If you’re not yet a member of FM World, you can start building your career as a distributor for free today, simply by signing up through us. Our Strong Habet team can’t wait to welcome you to the world of FM products and business ownership.

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Our FM World Structure Leaders

Roy Strong

Roy Strong is among the most experienced and successful network marketers in the UK, having made the leap from the insurance industry to the world of direct selling and team-building with ease. After joining FM World and building up his distribution business part-time, Roy soon started making enough income to leave the corporate world behind – earning a brand new Mercedes and a list of luxury holidays in the process.

Following his great success as an FM World distributor, Roy committed to building an FM World structure – aiming to pass on his knowledge and to build a highly successful network marketing community. With the assistance of fellow network marketing and social media extraordinaire Julita Habet, he created FM Strong Habet team.

‘To become your own boss, you’ve just got to make one decision. I made such a decision over 16 years ago – completing an in-depth analysis of existing direct sales firms before settling on only the very best.

I decided to join FM World because their business model is mainly based on a timeless product of great quality: perfumes. FM also allows you to freely determine your own development dynamics – meaning you can make whatever you want of their opportunity. This large autonomy and flexibility in operation helps people achieve outstanding results.

Today, as the co-leader of a thriving FM World team, I’m happy to share my years of industry knowledge and experience with each and every one of our FM Strong Habet team members – ensuring our success for years to come.’

Julita Habet

Julita Habet is our very own network marketing powerhouse, aiming to empower women across the globe with entrepreneurialism and direct sales. As a fiercely independent woman, business owner, mother, and wife, Julita expertly balances a high-powered FM World career with a happy home life – and shows others how they can too.

A self-proclaimed ‘huge optimist’ with a passion for personal development, Julita took her fate into her own hands first back in 2004 when she came to the UK taking the plunge into a new country, and new language.

After working hard as a babysitter and cleaner in her first years in the country, Julita’s sense of ambition began to grow – so she decided to study whilst maintaining both a job in caring, and the role of personal assistant to a hotel owner – inspired by her earning prospects post-graduation and the idea of financial freedom. She soon gave birth to two children, finished her studies, started a job – and then the spell was broken. Her financial status had not improved, rather it has worsened. It was hard for her to reconcile being a mother with a full-time job.

So, Julita decided to look for a solution. It was at that time in 2014 she met Roy at a mutual friend’s house and he shared with her the FM opportunity. The rest is history!

In under a decade, she’s managed to build a multi-million-pound business – teaming up with Roy Strong to build and lead the UK’s top FM World structure. Now, she teaches, inspires, and encourages many thousands of women across the globe to make their biggest dreams come true.

Julita truly believes that every woman can be successful if she wants to – whether aiming to start a business at 16, balance a career with motherhood, or simply earn some supplemental income. Her expert guidance and understanding of what it takes to be a woman in business have been key to the success of thousands of team members, and she’d love to help you next.

‘There are no problems that can’t be solved. I know what I’m writing, and I write this as a mum of two children, a wife, a marketer, trainer, coach and motivational speaker. This is, of course, a big undertaking for one person – but I love work, and adore a challenge. For me, constant action drives personal growth and great success.

Because you are reading this, I think you may also want to enjoy personal growth and success. I’d be happy to show you how to build positive change within your life using network marketing.

By simply joining our FM World Strong Habet team for free, you’ll be able to join in the success of our brilliant team and start genuinely enjoying what you do whilst earning. As a structure co-leader, I take every opportunity to educate our members, new and old, on our carefully created sales and team-building methods – having supported thousands of success stories over the years. You could be the next to shine as an FM Strong Habet team member . All you’ve got to ask yourself is ‘do you want to be your own boss?’

How to Build Your Income With FM World

Do you want to find out more about how the FM World opportunity could benefit you? Whether you’re interested in our range of perfume, makeup, and home products, are looking for exclusive discounts, or want to increase your income by creating a direct sales empire, you’ll find everything you need to know in our business presentation here. 


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FM World UK. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Contact Us

The Strong Habet FM Team is the UK’s largest FM World community, with thousands of successful members across 30 countries worldwide. Founded by highly successful network marketing moguls Roy Strong and Julita Habet, Strong Habet aims to help build the careers of FM World distributors at all levels, delivering unique insight, marketing materials, sales assistance, and above all, a supportive network of entrepreneurs. As a result of its consistent achievement, the team has become the first in the world to achieve the Nephrite Star level.

Want to share in the success? Anyone can apply to join the Strong Habet team, and enjoy the above benefits whilst launching their very own direct sales business. In the case of those declaring above-average commitment, Roy and Julita offer individual training and assistance in building development strategy.

FM World operates across six continents in over 50 countries including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and more. The Strong Habet team itself supports members from over 30 countries – making its network truly global.

Whether you’re based in Aberdeen or Auckland, our team are waiting and ready to support your journey toward becoming a business owner with FM World – unlocking lifelong friendships, freedom, flexibility, and huge income potential along the way. Simply fill in our free registration form to get started.


FM World is a multinational direct-selling business. First founded in 2004 selling only perfume, it has since evolved greatly – offering a luxurious range of makeup, nutritional supplements, haircare, and home products – alongside a larger collection of perfumes and aftershaves than ever before. Benefitting both customers and business partners, FM World aims to help people across the world achieve their dream lifestyles, whether through offering aspirational products such as high-quality perfume at an affordable price point, or by helping individuals start their very own businesses selling FM products – delivering the chance to achieve financial independence and pursue passions.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming your own boss and selling perfume, cosmetics, and more with FM World, read above, or fill in our starter form.

Roy Strong is one half of global MLM FM Worlds’ leading business duos – Strong Habet. After noting FM Worlds’ strong potential within the network marketing sphere more than 16 years ago, Roy decided to forge a team with his amazing friend, fellow network marketing extraordinaire, Julita Habet, in 2014. Since then, the two have worked together to develop one of the strongest networks within FM, introducing thousands of people across 30 countries to their business opportunity, and thus becoming the first team within the organisation to achieve the coveted Nephrite Star level of effectiveness.

After years of operating within multiple MLMs and of huge success within FM itself, Roy has developed a library of insider knowledge and invaluable tools and tips for success – making Strong Habet team members some of the most well-equipped ever. To join the Strong Habet team and take advantage of all of the above benefits, fill in our free starter form today.

Network marketing extraordinaire Julita Habet is a leading female figure within the MLM structure of perfume and cosmetics giant, FM World. As one half of the organisation’s leading teams, ‘Strong Habet’, Juilta aims to support and empower all women to fulfil their true potential, balancing education, motherhood, and entrepreneurialism to build their dream lifestyles. Working alongside business partner Roy Strong, she aims to unlock flexibility and financial freedom for FM Business partners across the world, having introduced the business opportunity to thousands of successful individuals since 2014 and thus led Strong Habet to become the first team within the organisation to achieve the coveted Nephrite Star level of effectiveness.

Julita really does ‘do it all’ – and wants to show you how you can too. To benefit from her wealth of knowledge, unique understanding, and tools for success, sign up to join FM with the Strong Habet team today.

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