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01 December 2015


Strong Habet Team

Are You Making These Facebook Mistakes?

Knowing what not to do on Facebook is just as important as knowing what to do. Today, we want to share with you some of the mistakes we see network marketers making so you can avoid making the same errors.

Network Marketing Facebook Mistakes

Someone Else’s Picture

Your profile picture should be you or include you. Don’t use anyone else’s picture as your profile image, even if the picture is of family member, people want to see you!

Too Much Information

It is incredible to see some of the far too personal information people share on Facebook, always remember that your potential customers and team members will see both your business page and personal profile, they don’t need to know about an argument you had with your family, what you did when you were drunk or political rants.

And of course never ever post countdowns to a holiday, this is a burglar’s dream, they can put in their diary when you are going to be away!

Being Negative

Never be negative, gossip or bitch about others on your personal or business profile, in groups (even secret ones) or in messages. As a networker you are in business, you need to always be professional. People will distance themselves from negative people, and by being bitchy the only people you will attract will be those who are like that themselves.

Wrong Page

You should have a business page and post most of your business posts, and share some to your personal profile.

Make sure the work details on your personal profile show you work at your business page, not the head office page of your network. This is a big mistake made by many networkers.

Are You Making These Facebook Mistakes?

Which Network Now?!

Some networkers are in more than one company, they might still earn some income from a previous network for example. However, NEVER ever post about more than one network on the same profile. It is confusing and unprofessional, so many times we speak to people who say they didn’t choose someone else as a sponsor because they noticed a post for another network on their profile and didn’t want to join someone who does that.

Those with worse reputations for this are the “bunny hoppers”, those who seem to join a new company every month, not giving any of them any chance of working for them,

Sharing Other Links

If your network company, upline or another networker posts a great photo or update, don’t share it with their link on it.

All links in posts on your page or website address on pictures / videos should be your own, you want people to go to your website not other people’s.

The only exception to this is when you are posting in team groups, and then it is fine to link to company website or upline website where team members can learn things.

Too Long or Boring

Keep your status updates and posts short, people do not have time to read long posts. Include photos or video to make your posts more interesting.

British people might love talking about the weather, but don’t keep posting weather updates or other very obvious and boring news.

Wrong Time

Don’t post when your friends or followers are likely to be asleep, it is a waste of a post, by the time they get up your post will be so far down their newsfeed that they will never see it.

Think too about your average friend’s or follower’s day, and what content might be best at what time of day. For example, motivational posts get the most response in mornings, whereas call to action posts do better later in the day.

Not Being Consistent

Post regularly to both your profile page and business page, you should post to your business page at least a couple of times a day. Don’t just have a blitz and post a lot for a week and then nothing for months. Make it part of your daily routine or schedule your posts using the facility on Facebook business pages or services like Meet Edgar, Hootsuite or Buffer.

Wasting Time

This is the biggest mistake networkers make on Facebook and other social media, they spend too much time on there reading daft news, playing games and simply wasting time and counting it as time spent on their business. We are all guilty of this at times.

To genuinely spend time working on your business on Facebook, go on there, do your posts, answer messages, contact those you planned to contact and then come off the site. Treat social media, when you are not spending genuine business time, the same way as you treat time watching TV or other leisure activity.

Facebook used correctly can help to grow your business, so be professional, be interesting and don’t make the mistakes others do,

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