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Whether you’re brand new to FM World and want to boost your sales figures from the very beginning, or have already built your business and are looking to broaden your horizons with some new direct selling tips, this section of our FM World members’ blog is the perfect place for you!

From online perfume parties and distribution pointers to top-seller interviews and more, you’ll find just what you need to ensure your direct sales venture is a success here. Discover our latest techniques, tips, tricks, and tools now:

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When starting out in the beauty and lifestyle industry, there’s a lot to take in – but don’t fear, FM is here to help! Those with a real passion for cosmetic and wellness products will have a natural ability to share their love for various items and create a good and stable business for themselves, but taking your efforts to the next level and reaching the utmost success can be achieved with some simple tips:

  1. Find your niche – specialise in an area of the business, whether that be cosmetics, perfumes, or home accessories so that you can narrow down your target audience and present yourself as their best possible, expert solution.
  2. Have a clear target audience – think about the specific demographics that your audience will have and factor those into your targeting plan e.g. age range, price point etc.

Harness the power of social media. In recent years, social media has become one of the most powerful selling tools on the market. With users of different platforms consuming lots of content daily, you want to grab their attention and take the opportunity to build a social media presence to promote your FM products and business.

Working from home has become one of the biggest business model changes we’ve seen in recent years. Increasing people’s flexibility to work from wherever they see fit gives business owners and employees across the world a huge amount of freedom, improving levels of health, happiness, and quality of work. FM harnesses this approach – creating a supportive network of members for newbies to join and thrive with. Alongside a great sense of community comes ample advice on how to sell from the comfort of your own home.

Our FM experts say using internet reach is vital to success and having any real, beneficial communication between distributor and customer. The vast audiences you can reach with a push of a button are crucial to promoting your business. Use free web platforms to create blogs about products and your own experience at FM so people can get to know you better. Create a social media presence too – this will help to validate your business and give weight to what you say.

It can be a little hard to get going at first if you are new to direct selling and multi-level marketing, but it doesn’t have to be that way forever! Our experts say that one of the best ways to start out is promoting your FM products to family and friends – host a little kickstart party with people you are comfortable with to get your sales techniques into practice. Networking is at the heart of FM’s business model and using that to your advantage will lead to inevitable success – tell your family and friends to share their experiences with their friends and connections to spread the word further.

Posting on social media is also a great way to share your love of our FM products, but thinking of what to publish can be tricky. Why not share some perfume quizzes, polls, or friendly competitions with a product as the prize? Anything to get people excited and talking about the products is positive promotion – get creative!

Fragrances were the very first product made by FM World back in 2004. Around 80 unique and beautiful scents were created to later take the world by storm. Their popularity propelled the company to be widely successful – soon becoming a household name. Many more products were formulated over the years from perfumes to aftershaves. Now, over 200 FM varieties and scents are available in many forms. Your favourite signature scents can be found in the form of candles, body washes and balms, room sprays, and much more! 

Want to have a look for yourself? Take a look at the latest FM World product catalogue to find your newest purchase.

FM wants to help start each of its distributors off on the right foot, so for the first 30 days after you become a member, you will receive an exclusive 20% discount to apply on top of your trade price products! This ‘Smart Start’ offer will allow you to experience our high-quality range of products at an amazing price, giving you the financial flexibility you need to build an inventory.

You will be eligible to apply this extra discount on up to 5 Pure Royal products, 2 Utique products and 2 Mini Utique products. If that hasn’t ticked all your boxes then you can also apply the discount to our Nutricode, cosmetics and Utique fragranced body ranges – an incredible bundle of products for an even more incredible price!

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