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FM World’s luxury cosmetic, perfume, home fragrance, and nutrition lines are at the heart of our partner’s businesses – so why not take the time to learn more about them? In this section of our blog, you’ll find everything from reviews of our bestselling perfumes and aftershaves to real-life tests of brand new FM World Products designed to help you choose the right product for both yourself and your customers.

Whether you’d like to learn more about how FM 910 smells, which shade of our luxury Ayala foundation would best suit you, or whether or not our tanning accelerator is a worthwhile buy, you’ll discover the information you need to decide on your next favourite product, build your selling skills, and take your business to the next level below.

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One of our most loved Nutricode products is our Slim Body system, which has been proven to yield impressive results for those that have completed a full course. A system like this can help you maintain a healthy balanced diet and reduce annoying habits such as unnecessary snacking throughout the day. Components are chosen specifically by our scientists and health specialists, ensuring no harmful filler or damaging substances are included. The key ingredients in the Slim Body system are:

  • Glucomannan; creates a feeling of fullness in the stomach by absorbing water and creating a bulky fibre.
  • Chromium; helps to keep your blood glucose levels balanced and has a positive effect on the metabolism of macronutrients. 

Not only are Nutricode FM products bound to leave you feeling better, but are simple to use too. Either formulated into tablets or capsules, dissolvable sachets and powders, or tubes of tasty gels; they are easy for anyone to enjoy!

FM World prides itself on providing high-quality, luxury products at affordable prices; giving you the chance to experience opulence without the heavy price tag. From cosmetics to perfume and beyond, each option in our range is formulated with the highest quality ingredients.

For example, FM’s amazing team of science and product formulation specialists work closely with world-class fragrance suppliers to use the richest oils and scents. To ensure you receive a product that lasts, FM uses a high concentration of said perfume oils. Our perfumes are stronger and longer lasting, increasing their value for money. To further this, our cosmetic products are packed with the very best pigments and minerals, producing long-lasting results designed to care for both your inner and outer beauty.

Fragrances are formulated all over the world and contain an extensive range of concentrated perfume oils. Similar recipes are inevitable, and many of our FM lovers have likened some of our perfumes to all-time favourite scents – however, rest assured that each and every one of our fragrance recipes is 100% unique, combining some of the world’s favourite fragrance notes and families into best-selling bottles.

A tan, for many years, has been the perfect finishing touch to any outfit or look – giving you an amazing confidence boost and glow. Finding the perfect formula for your skin type and colour to match your natural undertones can be frustrating, time-consuming, and ultimately costly! FM have curated their Fontainavie Tan Accelerator which is well-loved and offers the perfect solution to those that hate the sticky and tricky nature of fake tan. People love it!

Instead of applying and staining your skin with artificial colours, Fontainavie Tan Accelerator aids in your natural production of melanin (the chemical responsible for the colour of your skin) to produce the glow you want under the sun! FM uses a science-driven approach to formulating the majority of its products, so rest assured that this Fontainavie Tan Accelerator will keep your skin happy and healthy.

FM World’s famous and well-loved fragrances offer a varied range of scents to suit all occasions and preferences; from floral and fruity notes to bold and subtle strengths, there is something for everyone’s taste. There is, however, one signature scent that has stood above the rest for years on end – Pure Royal 910. A unisex fragrance that offers rich base notes of cashmere wood, brown sugar, and ambergris and is described as an amber-laced, woody scent – offering a luxe, alluring aroma.

In short, our opulent fragrances will grab your attention whilst delivering excellent value for money. EDP and EDT perfumes simply can’t compete with the concentration of fragrance oils in FM’s products – with our Parfum containing a 20%+ concentration of perfume oil compared to the industry average for Eau de Toilette at only 3-8%!

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