FM World Blog: FM World Team Building and Recruitment

Each FM World member has a different goal in mind when signing up with us. Whether you’d like to do some personal shopping with the added advantage of a discount or start your own beauty business, we’ve got an option for you.

With this being said, one of our membership tiers offers more income opportunities than the other! Whilst both our preferred customer and distributor tiers offer great benefits, becoming a distributor is one of the best ways to maximise your income, and to take advantage of our exclusive commission and incentive schemes whilst doing what you love.

Put simply, as a structure leader, each and every one of your team members’ (and those introduced by your team members’) points – is put towards your group total and helps you hit the targets needed to earn bonuses faster than ever before.

So how do we recruit? Read blog posts from our experienced structure leaders on how to build and manage your FM World team to get started.

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FM World Team Building and Recruitment FAQs

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Instead of traditional store shopping and selling, FM World uses the power of direct selling. FM members, distributors and business partners are able to buy FM products themselves at a discounted trade price and hold them as ‘stock’ or send them directly to their customers – cutting out the middleman, and boosting direct profits. Also, products can be bought per order so ‘dead stock’ is a thing of the past!

Distributors are able to earn immediate profit and personal/group points for each and every product sale made – meaning that with FM, your selling power and earning potential are right in your own hands!

FM World gives all members the opportunity to level up their preferred customer member status to distributor or business partner at any time, allowing them to start earning income immediately. Each sale made and product bought through an FM member will earn them direct profit and points that go towards commission bonuses.

When you first join FM, you will be placed under an experienced mentor and in a group of other members. This will aid you in learning everything you need to know in a supportive and family-like environment whilst earning you accumulative group points – a win-win! Although you can sit in this position and make a good earning, creating your own team and coaching other new members you help to sign up will see your income skyrocket. With that being said, in no circumstance, do you have to – FM lets you decide your future!

An amazing benefit of working with FM is the sense of community created by all of our members coming together to create ultimate success. Working independently can bring you a certain level of accomplishment, but we recommend unlocking your full potential by collaborating with others!

FM team structures can grow rapidly and may get confusing so here’s a breakdown:
A team is built when one member introduces one or multiple new additions to the organisation and opportunity. Once a team grows (e.g. those members introduce their own ‘downline’ in the same way) it can be split into smaller groups called ‘legs’. A leg is formed when existing group members recruit their own team, expanding their network of FM lovers.

The way members and teams upgrade their FM status is through their ‘effectiveness level’, earned through obtaining personal and group points. Levels are expressed in either percentages or names, for example, a Pearl Orchid status requires one leg in the group to reach a 21% effectiveness level plus a minimum of 20,000 volume points in the rest of the group.

FM World operates on a commission and direct profit basis. Every member has the opportunity to earn an incredible amount of profit with every purchase made via their membership. In addition, team points are accumulated by all members’ personal points, therefore everyone’s efforts are recognised and rewarded appropriately – the more the merrier! The number of collective points earned will determine the team’s effectiveness level and bonuses, but how do you earn them in the first place?

Each product has a number of points attached to it and once that item has been sold, those points are awarded directly to you and your team. Each month your product points are added up and marked against a scoring chart to determine that month’s bonus. For example, our Dimension Lash Mascara holds 20 points, if you and your team of 5 each sell 10 per month, 1,000 points will be added to your group total.

From the very start of the business, FM World has operated primarily with the help of its amazing and dedicated members – focusing its profits on improving the products and rewarding distributors rather than launching fancy marketing campaigns or paying thousands for celebrity endorsements.

Their industry professionals and scientists spend their time developing the best possible formulas – allowing the products to speak for themselves. As a result, FM brands are housed in simple, elegant, no-fuss bottles and packaging so as to not distract from the quality and craftsmanship of the products themselves. Saving on marketing and fancy bottles means more profit to be earned by members and that funds can be used to constantly improve products.

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