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Social media could be key to the success of your FM World business. Using the right tools, platforms, tips, and tricks, you’ll be able to unlock a world of connections – and huge income potential! With our MLM social media blog posts and ideas, you’ll be able to build standout pages, craft creative content, and, most importantly, boost your sales to new heights!

Whether you’re an aspiring instagram influencer or have a network of Facebook friends ready to join your group, this brilliant collection of advice, tutorials, and more will help you grow your FM World company faster than ever before.

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MLM Social Media Ideas FAQs

Everything you need to know about FM World UK. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Contact Us

FM World is an incredibly successful multi-level marketing company with a unique commission-based selling model. In short, the more you sell the more you earn! Sound too good to be true? Well, it gets even better! FM World’s commission and marketing plan also offers the potential to increase your income by accumulating points with your customers’ purchases. Each product, whether it be from our cosmetics, home, skincare or fragrance range, holds a different weight in direct sale profit and personal points. For example, our Pheromones fragrance collection will earn you approximately £7.20 direct profit with each sale; alongside 67 personal points.

Any profit you make you keep 100% for yourself, however, if you’re a member of a group – your points will go towards a collective group total, or one big – theoretical – pot that goes towards determining your monthly commission bonus and incentives. The higher your group points, the higher your chance of a bigger bonus and better rewards! Working together, motivating each other, and sharing sales tips is the quickest way to success.

Utilising social media platforms is a great way to get your business and brand out there and reach as many people as you can in the first instance. For example, Facebook is one of the world’s largest platforms for sharing thoughts, photos, and videos amongst family and friends. It has quickly become a great place to also advertise and promote a business’s products; and now with features and tools such as ‘marketplace’ and groups, you can do just that.

Targeting people with adverts on Facebook is a strong strategy to seamlessly slip information on your business and products into relevant people’s feeds, building recognition, followings, and sales figures. Our experts advise setting ads at low daily costs to test the waters and increase if you see fit. You can also use the free group feature to create a community of your own clients and customers, sharing experiences and your love of FM products. Be sure to keep people engaged with exciting new offers or friendly competitions!

FM World encourages members to create their own destinies – helping them grasp the power, control, and freedom needed to build their own dream lifestyle. When you first get started, it’s best to stick with who you know and build out with experience, selling and gifting to family, friends, and colleagues. Soon enough, friends of friends and more distant customers will become aware of your business and reach out! 

Once you’re properly established as a distributor, a great way to develop your success is using the internet to promote FM products. This way, you will quickly gauge who is looking for or interested in similar products and industries. Creating a group of people or an ideal buyer from your findings called a ‘target audience’ will significantly impact the success you have. Other distributors and yourself will be able to approach and scale your reach down to specific types of people whether it be age range, location, occupation, or general interests.

Creating your audience using social media platforms is simple – with a few clicks, you’ll be able to target your chosen group of people in no time. If you want to know more read our dedicated Facebook blog post!

Social media is quickly becoming the biggest tool in current and upcoming businesses’ marketing strategies. Over 4 billion users consume a plethora of social content published every day, so you’d be a fool to not use it too! It can be a daunting task to create a social media account from scratch and reach out to people blindly, so here are a few top tips from our most successful FM members to help you sell on socials: 

  • Utilise blog posting and link your creations to social media accounts! Draft a short write-up or summary on your favourite product or how your FM experience has been so far and post it to a free website host. Promoting unique, insightful content such as this on your social accounts can enhance your ‘brand affinity’ and trust  – plus it’ll link your two platforms together which can gain you more impressions.
  • Keep in touch with those that reach out to you via social media or elsewhere. Creating a sense of community amongst your customers online is important, as they could become teammates in future. Create Facebook groups to gather everyone together, let them network, and advertise products and promotions to them all at once. 
  • Use great photos and stay consistent on Instagram. Nowadays, your Insta profile says a lot about you and your brand from a quick glance – you want it to leave a good impression! Ensure that when you do post, your photos, graphics, videos etc are of high quality and have a similar theme or feel throughout. You will want to stay recognisable amongst other profiles!

Instagram, because of its grid layout, is an amazing tool to create a face for your brand. An organised, consistent, and aesthetically pleasing profile will keep you above your competitors. Stand out and stay recognisable to your existing and potential customers with these top tips:

  • Use high-quality photos to grab people’s attention. Blurry, pixelated photos of your FM products will turn customers away – instead, use clear images with the perfume, makeup, or well-being items at the front and centre of the shot.
  • Keep your tone consistent. Whatever you want to say won’t matter if you don’t sound authentic so stay true to yourself. Try to keep your content similar and recognisable throughout all of your captions, text, and even when speaking live.
  • Choose a theme and don’t veer off it! Instagram can be fairly superficial so you want to be appealing from the get-go. Using the platform’s in-app features such as filters or online applications like Canva can help you find the look that best represents you and your brand.
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