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FM World’s network marketing business model is what makes us so special. Unlike other perfume and cosmetics brands, we rely on the power of human connection both online and offline, not big stores and advertising campaigns, to get the word out about our products.

This technique is often called ‘direct selling’ or ‘network marketing’, and can seem tricky to master – especially for those of us with small circles – but don’t worry! It really is one of the most simple and effective sales methods out there; helping spread the word about our luxury products in a genuine way, and creating big profit margins for our distributors!

Want to learn how to become a brilliant seller and build your business? Our FM Perfume Group Network Marketing blog is the right place for you. Here, you’ll discover top tips and tricks from industry experts and FM World’s most successful sellers, alongside network marketing ideas, and more!

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FM World Network Marketing FAQs

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Network marketing is a fast-growing industry. Joining a business with this structure will help you grow your team, expand your skills, and allow you to meet amazing people – fast.

Put simply, instead of using traditional advertising and structures to sell products, network marketing relies on the power of genuine connection, cutting out the middleman. For example, in place of opening traditional perfume stores and investing in huge advertising campaigns, FM World has built a team of distributors – individual sellers who purchase their products at a highly discounted trade price to sell to their customers in-person or online for a retail price, the direct profit from which goes straight into their pockets.

This unique business model uses the power of socialising and, quite literally, networking to build incredibly successful individual businesses. In short, it is based on the connections you build and the communities you create – replacing storefronts with conversations and word-of-mouth recommendations.

For example, instead of creating a line of perfume products, investing huge money in advertising, and paying rent to place them in physical storefronts, FM World has built a team of distributors or individual sellers who purchase their products at a hugely discounted trade price and use their network of connections to sell them for a mark-up, being paid in the form of direct profit and commission. By using the network marketing model, FM World are able to funnel its budget towards quality product development and additional rewards for its teams in the form of bonuses and incentives – from cash to cars!

Allowing members to work as teams with endless opportunities for individuals to expand their own group of FM lovers.

The level of success within a network marketing group depends on the commitment put in by the individuals involved – as ultimately, networking cannot be done with only a handful of people. Members should constantly meet new individuals to share their own experiences with, educate them about sales techniques in their niche and discuss how freeing and legitimate network marketing really is. As soon as your contact list expands you open up growth opportunities for yourself and your team – the more people involved, the more sales you will make! Network marketing is based on gaining new connections and customers – helping build sales, commission, and points. The possibilities for earning are endless, especially with FM World as they believe you should have the choice and power to make anything possible.

Starting in this industry has been made simpler than ever with FM World’s sleek sign-up process. To get selling and network marketing with FM World, follow these easy steps that take no longer than a couple of minutes to complete! 

  1. Fill in our registration form with all the relevant information
  2. Make sure you have selected the ‘distributor’ option instead of ‘preferred customer’ or you will not be able to sell
  3. Submit your completed form
  4. Receive an email asking for confirmation of your details
  5. This email will also contain a link to our member-exclusive website for the purchase of our discounted products – keep note of your login details
  6. A member mentor will be in touch with you to discuss your next steps to becoming an FM success!

Network marketing is a 100% real and legitimate business structure. By definition, it is a model that depends on person-to-person communication and sales made by individuals and members/representatives. They can often work from home or anywhere in the world as business partners or salespeople to close sales, assist with lead generation, and expand their teams.

FM World proudly uses this model in order to maximise product quality and sales for our members. Our distributors work together to promote a wide range of well-loved products, earning direct profit and growing their individual teams to collect points and commission bonuses. FM Perfume Group promote networking with other members to not only expand your team but to gain sincere and personal insight into the business and hopefully learn others’ secrets to success.

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