Kamila after Utique Luxury Hair Oil

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18 January 2017


Strong Habet Team

Does Utique Luxury Hair Repair Oil Really Work?

Do you know which natural essential oils are in our Utique Luxury Hair Repair Oil and how they can help your hair? Let’s take a look:

Jojoba oil stimulates hair growth.
Linseed oil eliminates the problem of hair loss.
Apricot kernel oil nourishes dry and damaged hair.
Argan oil deeply nourishes and rebuilds hair, adds shine, tames and improves its condition, preventing split ends.
Ylang-Ylang oil has toning properties.

This unique combination of natural, certified oils derived from the very heart of plants makes the hair visibly stronger, nourished, moisturised and velvety to the touch. Importantly, it also absorbs perfectly and does not weigh the hair down.

Does it really work?

Kamila, pictured here, says that she just used this product on its own and these are the results, “No styling products used!” she says.

“My hair after the treatment. Thanks to Utique Luxury Hair Repair Oil It’s soft, silky, smooth and shiny like never before ❤️❤️❤️ I love the Utique Hair Oil ❤️❤️❤️”

Thank you Kamila for sharing your experience with us.

more Kamila after Utique Luxury Hair Oil
Kamila after Utique Luxury Hair Oil

Try this amazing product for yourself and see the results. We look forward to receiving your testimonials too.

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