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Published on

08 October 2017


Strong Habet Team

The Power of Duplication in Network Marketing

You always hear people in Network Marketing talk about the power of duplication, but what does it really mean? Is it really that important? and how can YOU achieve it?

The dictionary definition of duplication is “the action or process of duplicating something” Sounds easy right? Getting others to do as you do, multiplying your own efforts. The problem is in Network Marketing your team don’t know how to do what you are doing, and in most cases even if they did, they certainly have no idea of how they could get their team members to do it anyway!

Did you know that the best time to get a team member to duplicate your actions is when they first join? Think about it for a moment, put yourself in the mindset of a new team member. They have just joined, they are excited and keen to learn, yet if there is no plan to follow then that enthusiasm disappears and they will just drift.

duplication network marketing

So what you need is to create a quick start action plan that they can follow. A way of teaching them exactly the steps they need to take to launch their business, to find customers and to get that vital initial profit – which then proves to them the business works.

Imagine how active your team would be if they learnt in their first few weeks how to get more leads and how to sponsor team members themselves. They wouldn’t be scared either about sponsoring, because they would know there was a simple plan that you would help them to show their new people too, exactly the same step by step training that you did with them in the beginning and that gave them confidence.

Nothing should be difficult or complicated about the action steps, you never want your new team members feeling overwhelmed. They must be able to follow the action plan. Simplicity is the key to duplication and growth.

This is the power of real duplication, a simple system that can be repeated, easily learnt and passed on to others. It is the best way that we know of creating a strong, successful team. And it is something you can do!

We have learnt duplication methods from some of the top Network Marketing trainers in the world. They have helped us, and we want to share that knowledge with you too.

It does mean taking action, because without that nothing happens. Residual incomes don’t occur by magic, it takes time and it takes action by yourself, and by others too. You need to be a great role model for your team.

Every day we are sharing our simple action plan with our FM World team members in the UK and around the world. We love it!

There is nothing more motivating to us than seeing new people achieve success by following the steps. Actually, there is something far more motivational – and that is when those new people have helped their own team members to pass the action plan on too. That is what duplication in Network Marketing means and why it is so powerful.

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