new team member FAQs

Published on

02 November 2021


Strong Habet Team

FAQ by New Team Members

When you are new to FM you are likely to have some questions that you want to ask to help you get started. Many new FM World UK members ask similar questions, so we thought it would be useful for you if we shared with you the most frequently asked questions by new team members and the answers to them here:

Where do I find my 10 Day Smart Start offers?

Simply login on the UK online shop using your id number and password sent to you by FM and when you add products to your basket during your first 10 days the Smart Start discount will automatically be applied within your shopping basket.

Which fragrances are best to get first?

When you login to your FM account on the main website you will see a section called Top 10 Products, this includes lists of our current best selling Pure and Pure Royal perfumes.

The ones that we have found popular ourselves too are FM 18, FM 20, FM 910 and FM 850 for women and FM 472, FM 473, FM 199 and FM 335 for men.

How much is the delivery cost?

In UK it is £6 for orders up to 318 points, £4 for orders between 319 and 579 points and free delivery on orders of 580 points or more.

How do I purchase Samples?

Perfume samples can be found by searching Sample in the online shop.

Where can I get the catalogue?

The catalogue is in digital format to make them easy to update when new products are launched and also to help protect the environment. You can download pdf and flipbook versions of the catalogue from the company website.

Can my customers order products online too?

Everyone who joins FM World in the UK gets their own customer webshop for free, you can find out how to create the link to your customer webshop here

How do I sponsor someone into my team?

You can register them online on the company website, but you must make sure they enter your id number as both sponsor and recruiter on the form.

The best way is to send someone a sponsoring link, which is a link to a registration form with your details on it.

It is very easy to create your sponsoring link just put your id number at the end of this website address

For example if your id number was 9000722 then your sponsoring link would be

Are there training meetings near to me?

Our training is mainly done online, which means anyone can attend regardless of where you live. If you have not done so already please add your Sponsor as a friend on Facebook and ask to be added to a team support group.

Can I sell products and build a team on Facebook and Instagram?

Yes absolutely, social media is one of the best places online to connect with potential customers and future team members. Letting your contacts know they can now get FM perfumes and other products from you is one of the first things you should do.

But don’t forget online is only one way to generate sales and team build, you also want to be promoting the products offline too. People love to try perfumes, so make sure you are putting your samples to good use to help increase your sales and income.

We hope you found these answers useful; if you’re amongst our new team members please feel free to contact us with any other questions you have.