Finding your initial customers is simple if you follow a proven approach based on natural human behaviour. People buy from those they know, love and care about.

For example, if a close friend of yours was opening a restaurant we are sure you would be happy to go along on the opening night and be one of their first customers. You might not know how good their food is likely to be, but you would go anyway to give them your support.

Now think for a moment, if you were stranded somewhere at 2 am in the morning and you needed money urgently to get home, who from your friends and family would you call to help you? These people are called your Hot Market, they love you and want to help you.

Write down your Hot Market list right now. They are going to be the people most likely to help you with your new FM World business in your first week.

This hot approach is not just for people who have just joined the business. You can use this system to launch new products too as long as this is the first time that you have contacted the individual Hot Market contact in this way.

So what do you say to them when you call them? Here is an example based on Nutricode Slim Extreme:

“Hi, listen I really need your help. I’ve started a business. I’m not asking you to join it. I do not want you to become a customer long term, unless you want to. Here is what I need, I need you to be a one time consumer for 30 days. My product is £60 plus £6 delivery. It is an incredible product for weight loss. Over the next 30 days please use it exactly as it says on the box, I would like your feedback at the end of 30 days. Can I count on you?”

talking on people on phone

Some will say yes, some will say no. If they do say no, just move on and call the next person on your list.

We used Nutricode Slim Extreme as the example because most people want to lose weight and the product lasts for 30 days. However, you could use the same process for other products like Nutricode Inner Balance, Utique Luxury Face Oil or Utique Luxury Hair Repair Oil.

We suggest Slim Extreme or Inner Balance as by selling it at £60, you earn £20 a box. Of course, not everyone will agree to help you, but just 5 family members / close friends saying yes to helping you and you have made £100 profit. This gives you a great success story about the early profit you made that you can then share with people you introduce to the business in future.

What also makes this system so good, especially for new members, is that you can get the money from your Hot Market contacts before you place the order. You are instantly in profit.

It is a method that has been used by top network marketers all over the world. It works well and it can work for you too.

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Julita Habet and Roy Strong

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