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13 March 2023


Strong Habet Team

Find Your Perfect Foundation and More With FM Makeup Collection

Looking for your next makeup match? Find the perfect shade and ideal formula for your features with our extensive FM cosmetics range. 

Like FM fragrances, Federico Mahora makeup is renowned for creating quality products. Formulated with our valued customers and distributors in mind, FM cosmetics are made with carefully chosen, industry-leading ingredients, guaranteed to impress all those lucky enough to get their hands on them! Whether you’re a dull glam enthusiast or a no-makeup look lover, you’ll be sure to discover your next makeup product obsession with FM. 

FM World Foundation

Discover Our Amazing FM Cosmetics Range

FM World has been offering a great selection of high-quality cosmetics at affordable prices since 2004! Whether you’re on the hunt for a single eyeshadow, new brow pomade, or full makeup bag restock, FM cosmetics has got you covered. With over 75 products to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll love. 

The Federico Mahora catalogue includes a wide range of makeup from complexion primers, foundations, HD lash mascara, and long-lasting eyeliners to plumping lip glosses, liquid lipsticks, makeup removers, and gel finish nail polishes. 

Don’t know where to start? Take a look at our best-selling product breakdown below and start accumulating your favourite items today!

Perfect Your Complexion Using FM Foundation

At FM we believe that beauty shouldn’t be covered up but instead, enhanced. With our foundations, you can do just that! 

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In need of more coverage? Our FM Blur Effect Lifting Foundation is suitable for all skin types, but is by far the best choice for mature or blemish-prone skin. With unique optical properties, this formula reflects and diffuses light evenly, giving you that all-important soft-focus, blurring effect. Its lightweight, liquid consistency also helps skin appear natural whilst providing the coverage you need.

How To Find Your FM Foundation Shade

Choosing the right FM foundation shade is imperative to creating the perfect makeup look. So how hard is it? Everyone’s skin is unique – but finding the correct shade is easy once you know your undertone and complexion type. Taking note of these simple features of your skin can help find your perfect FM foundation match!

Take a look at your veins – do they appear blue, green, or a combination of both? People with blue-coloured veins tend to be cool-toned, whilst those with green-coloured veins, are warm. If you appear to have a mixture of the two, consider yourself neutral-toned.

Another skintone finding trick involves holding a piece of paper or white clothing up to your face in bright, natural light. If your skin looks pink or rosy compared to the white material then you’re probably cool-toned. If your face looks more yellow, then you’re most likely warm-toned. 

Our final piece of advice is to think about how your skin reacts to the sun. Burning easily is a sign of fairer, cool-toned skin whereas tanning quickly is considered a trait of warmer tones. If you find that your occasional burns quickly turn to a tan, your complexion is probably neutral. 

If you’re still not sure, get in touch with your local FM distributor to discuss which shade would be best suited to your skin tone and type.

Define Your Features with FM Mascara and FM Eye Products

Federico Mahora makeup has a wide selection of mascaras, eyeliners, and shadows perfect for making your features pop – after all, eyes do most of the talking, don’t they? 

Try our best-selling FM Legendary Full HD Lashes; apply with a wand specially designed to coat and curl even the shortest of eyelashes and HD multi-dimensional, flirty lashes will be yours in one quick layer. 

Feeling fierce? Brighten up your everyday look with FM Gemstone Colour Mascaras; available in three vibrant shades: Intense Emerald, Bold Tanzanite, and Magical Almandine. With the same long-lasting formula as FM’s signature black mascaras, your bold look will stay all day without smudging or crumbling.

Enhancing your eyes has never been easier when you use FM Kajal Eye Pencils – choose from a range of colours, from natural white and neutral to colourful teal and violet. Whether you want to brighten with white or complement your eye colour with bright pigments, FM cosmetics have it all! 

Top off your eye look and draw attention with our Long-Lasting Sparkle Cream Eyeshadow. Its high-quality, pigmented formula is guaranteed to shine all day long! Formulated to go on like a cream but settle to a powder consistency, this eyeshadow is a dream to apply! It’s available in three universal shades to suit all skin tones, Copper Grace, Ice Palace and Golden Treasure.

Take The Day Off With FM’s Makeup Removal Products

Looking amazing starts with looking after yourself, and your skin’s health is no different. FM has created the perfect cosmetics journey from start to finish with the addition of our makeup removal products. Use our 2-Phase Makeup Remover to melt away those waterproof formulas and the surface layer of your makeup. Next, apply our Micellar Lotion to clear up any leftover product residue and leave your skin feeling refreshed and moisturised.

If you prefer to take off your makeup without any lotions and potions, opt for our Makeup Remover Towel, which only requires water to get to work. Simply wet, ring out, and wipe over your skin to watch makeup vanish – go in after with your favourite FM cleanser for a clean, fresh feeling.

FM Cosmetics Catalogue

FM is proud to offer an extensive range of products, suitable for all cosmetics lovers. There simply isn’t a better place to find our makeup lines than in our catalogue; all the information you need from prices and bundles to shades and formulations is included on its pages. 

We have so much to offer our lovely, loyal customers, so don’t forget to check out our other amazing products from perfumes and home fragrances to body products, skincare, and more! View our FM cosmetics catalogue or speak to your local FM Distributor for more product information. 

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