Being the first (and at this moment, the only) leaders with FM World to reach the Nephrite Star level in the FM World Marketing Plan is an incredibly proud moment for us and our fabulous team. It absolutely is a real team effort and we are so grateful to all the wonderful members of our team.

julita habet and roy strong fm world first nephrite stars

This is what FM World UK had to say about this historic moment:

Julita Habet and Roy Strong – First Nephrite Star

“Last year they became the first distributorship in the world to achieve Malachite Star level, now we are beyond delighted to announce that Julita Habet and Roy Strong are FM World’s very first NEPHRITE STAR.

In a year dominated by a global pandemic, they have continued to demonstrate the skills that make them so successful. Incredible positive attitude, determined focus and huge support for their team every day.

They have plenty of reasons to smile, something they both do naturally a lot and has always done from 3% all the way to this fourth-star level, but what makes them smile the most is seeing the difference this business has made to the lives of members of their team (and others too, they cheer so loud for everyone).

In true 2020 style, we give an enormous virtual cheer to this genuinely nice and dynamic duo on this historic achievement!”

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Julita Habet and Roy Strong

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