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30 August 2022


Strong Habet Team

How to Get a Free Webshop with FM World

Did you know that as a member of FM World UK, you can now set up your very own free webshop in just a few clicks? Whether you’ve always wanted to become a digital entrepreneur, are looking to bolster your FM World business, or simply want to sell perfume online, we’ve made building your success simpler than ever before. 

FM World Referral Link

Sell Perfume Online with a Unique FM Shopping Link

These days, online shopping is more powerful than ever before, with e-commerce accounting for more than a quarter of all retail sales made in May 2022! Reach larger audiences, and start receiving more orders – there’s never been a better time to get involved. With this being said, setting up a website from scratch can be an expensive, complicated, and time-consuming investment for busy FM partners. That’s where our shopping links come in.

Shopping links are FM’s exclusive ‘free webshop’ offering, available to all UK business partners at any time, and at no additional cost. They’re fully tailored to your FM profile and ID – being established and ready for you to take the reins from the second your account is opened.All you’ve got to do is create your own link, and get selling.

Why Set up an Online Store?

Put simply, setting up a free online store with FM World makes the sales process easy – keeping your customers happy. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider taking the digital leap:

24/7 Shopping = Larger Reach

Though selling in person is a brilliant way to connect face-to-face (and provides opportunities to demonstrate products), online shopping is one of the best ways to reach wider audiences. Who knows how many could be busy with other responsibilities during your regular selling hours? By launching a free webshop, you’ll give your customers 24/7 access to your FM catalogue and order forms – allowing those who otherwise would have to wait until the weekend or contact you after work to browse and buy to have your stock at their fingertips, day and night.

Show Clients your Entire FM Product Range

It’s no secret that picking a few products out of a range of thousands in a setting like a home visit or party can be overwhelming. That’s where online shopping and free webshops come in. Your personal FM shopping link leads to a store stocked with each and every one of our products. It’s kept up-to-date automatically with full titles and descriptions, making it the perfect resource for any customer – from new visitors to those mulling over a purchase and in search of more information. With a shopping link, your clients can take all the time they need to browse through an extensive range of products in an easy, pressure-free, e-commerce format, accessing all the information they need to make buying decisions, and adding their favourites to their bag as they go.

Build Brand Awareness 

Webshop links are straightforward to share through socials, over email, through text, by online messaging and more. This will help get your FM business in front of your family, friends, and followers online. By linking your free webshop to your professional FM page, or sharing your link, you’ll make browsing and buying natural. You’ll also ensure your shop is the ultimate, first-stop destination for any connection looking to purchase FM cosmetics, perfume, home fragrance, nutrition, and more.

Increase your Profits 

Our free webshop platform is designed to help boost your business’ success. It provides an additional way in which clients can discover and return to you time and time again. Building on in-person and existing online sales methods, these personal links give a wide audience a convenient, simple option for purchasing your FM products at any time of the day. They’re also the perfect way to increase sales opportunities – contributing directly to your profits. 

How to Create your Free FM Webshop 

Get your Link

Creating a free webshop with FM World is simple, fast, and easy. All you’ve got to do is add your FM World ID number to the end of this link: 

For example: if your ID is 9999999 then your link will be:

After typing in your unique link, your webshop will activate and officially open. Congratulations! You should even be able to spot your individual ID number at the top of the page. Why not give it a try?

Operating your Free Webshop 

Whilst operating a webshop may seem like a huge task for a busy entrepreneur, FM have made the process effortless. Once you’ve activated your website, all you’ve got to do is encourage people to visit. Simply spread the word about your brand-new page and what it offers! Once customers open your individual link, they can shop to their hearts’ content from the comfort of their own homes. 

As the orders start rolling in, you won’t even have to worry about having to ship and pack them! FM World’s UK office receives your customers’ orders, preparing and sending them directly in a professional, timely manner, whilst you keep the points and profit (VAT exclusive)! 

FM World’s head office will also keep your website up to date automatically as products are launched. This means there’s no technical maintenance involved. Simply launch your site, bring in the visitors, and enjoy the boost to your business.

Spreading the Word      

As mentioned above, all successful online shops need an audience. In order to get people clicking on your website link post-launch, you’ll need to make sure people know about it. Luckily, FM shopping links are easy to share. 

Our experts highly recommend adding your webshop link to the bio of your social media profiles, from your professional FM page to your personal Instagram (if you’d like to)! Other brilliant opportunities to share include your email signature, on social media posts, and in relevant comments. Where appropriate (e.g. when talking about your FM products with friends), text messages can also work!

The more people you reach, the more sales opportunities you’ll unlock. Don’t be shy to let people know about your brand new e-commerce store!  

Ready to Launch your Free FM Webshop?

Now that you know how to launch your FM webshop, why not get started? If you’re already signed up as a distributor, simply locate your FM World ID and follow the steps above. 

Brand new to the business but interested in becoming your own boss and launching your own free webshop? Why not sign up as an FM World partner for free today? We’ll be happy to help you get started on your journey towards success. 

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