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FM is proud to offer people like you across the globe a world of golden opportunities. Whether you’re simply looking to make big savings on your everyday beauty essentials, or want to build your own business empire and lead a team of like-minded entrepreneurs, by becoming an FM World business partner, you’re sure to fit perfectly into our thriving direct sales community.

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FM’s preferred customer tier is the simplest of all our membership options – allowing perfume lovers, cosmetics enthusiasts, and everyone in-between to create an FM World account, and access a discount of up to 30% on all of our best-selling luxury products, alongside exclusive promo events! The best part? It’s 100% free.

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Sign up as an FM World Distributor

Perfect for those looking to turn their member savings into income, the distributor tier will allow you to sell your choice of FM products for a direct profit, and to earn extra commission. On top of this, in becoming an FM distributor, you’ll gain access to a huge range of incentives and bonuses, including our ‘Drive for Success’ luxury car scheme.

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How to Sign Up as an FM World Business Partner

Getting started with FM World is as simple as filling out and submitting our straightforward registration form.

Simply open our form, fill in all relevant information, and select the best status for you. If you’re looking to access big discounts on personal shopping hauls, select the ‘preferred customer’ option. If you’re looking to establish yourself as an FM World business partner and earn a direct profit on product sales, select ‘Distributor’.

Preferred customers will receive an email with their online store login and discount details within minutes, leaving them ready to shop same-day! Distributors will receive these details, and be invited to a casual chat with their sponsor (an experienced team member and mentor), who will go over training, resources, and business goals, ensuring that their new business gets off to the best possible start!

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How to Build Your Income With FM World

Do you want to find out more about how the FM World opportunity could benefit you? Whether you’re interested in our range of perfume, makeup, and home products, are looking for exclusive discounts, or want to increase your income by creating a direct sales empire, you’ll find everything you need to know in our business presentation below. 


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Helpful Business Partner Blog Posts

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FM World Business Partners and Member Tiers FAQs

Everything you need to know about FM World UK. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Contact Us

There are two levels of membership to choose from when you sign up for FM World. Which one is best suited to you depends on what you would ideally like to get out of your membership; to stock up your shelves with discounted products or to build a career in the network marketing and direct selling industry. Both membership options offer amazing benefits including up to a 30% discount on all FM World products, and access to exclusive deals. With a preferred customer membership, you are limited to buying products at great prices for yourself, but as an FM business partner or distributor, you can sell your discounted purchases to your very own customers – keeping the direct profit. You will be coached in creating an audience for yourself and discover how our very best-selling tips can propel you straight to success!

Did you know joining as an FM member is completely free? Not only that, but with no start-up fees, minimum spend, or contracts! We believe that everyone deserves to gain access to amazing discounts and even the chance to start a career themselves. Therefore, we have made our sign-up process simple – with just three easy steps. You’ll be an FM World member before you know it:

  1. Sign up with our simple registration form, fill in all the relevant information, and select your member status. If you choose ‘preferred customer’ then you will receive emails with your confirmation, logins, and account details – ready for you to start shopping! If you chose ‘distributor’ then your business journey has just begun – logins will be sent via email also and you can start to purchase your first products.
  2. Once you have begun setting yourself up, an experienced team leader, also known as your ‘sponsor’ will get in touch to discuss your goals and how to achieve them. They will also ensure you receive all the relevant information and training you need to be as successful as possible.
  3. You’re ready to start selling! You’ve had all the necessary training and hopefully utilised your discount to collect your own FM products, allowing you to showcase your own knowledge and experience. Remember, you can even sell to family and friends but with our famous and well-loved products, you’ll have no problem creating your own large customer base.

Being a member of FM World allows you to access not only amazing product discounts but the chance to work with an incredible group of entrepreneurs that also want to unlock huge income potential. Fill in a simple registration form and a few emails later, you will be ready to start compiling your very own collection of FM products. Once you have received your training and have a good understanding of the products, you can start distributing them.

For every sale made with FM, there is a direct profit margin of around 30% in addition to points earned. All of your points are accumulated throughout the month and the higher your total, the higher your potential monthly bonus – meaning the more sales you make the more you earn! Personal Points work amazingly for our members – but group points can prove to be even more fruitful. Group Points are based on the sales made by you and your team during the month, depending on your team structure this can lead to team bonuses and incentive rewards!

Signing up as a preferred customer will open opportunities for you to receive incredible FM World discounts. With each product you purchase, you’ll be saving up to 30% across all of our fantastic brands, however, becoming a distributor is the best way to start your career and make a profit.

Just like preferred customers, distributors will receive amazing discounts on all of our products. The key difference is that they can build a team and depending on your group points and team structure you have more chance of earning a higher bonus amount!

Joining our ever-growing community of entrepreneurs is an incredible opportunity for those that want to socialise, love beauty and health products, and seek huge earning potential. All FM World members will benefit from these factors, no matter their status or position:

  • 100% free sign up

We do not charge anyone to join FM or require any prior direct selling experience – we are confident that you will gain as much coaching and experience as you will need whilst being a member.

  • Flexible work

We believe that you should be able to work whenever and from wherever. Ultimately, you get out as much as you put into FM so – your hard work will be well rewarded.

  • High income potential 

As you continuously work up and up through FM’s extensive bonus schemes and marketing plans, you have the opportunity to earn amazing amounts of money!

  • Incredible incentives

From great monthly bonuses to extravagant holidays to luxury cars, FM has so much to offer and work towards that you won’t want to stop growing your business!

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