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Our exclusive distributor tier is one of our most popular options for business partners – granting entrepreneurs like you across the world the power to start their own FM business on their terms, regardless of their previous experience in the industry. Sign up now to unlock exclusive discounts, start selling, and earn commission in minutes!

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What are the Benefits of Being an FM Distributor?

FM World’s distributor business partners are the heart of our vibrant, entrepreneurial community - benefitting from complete working freedom, huge income potential, and some of our very best incentives.

How to Join FM World as a Distributor

Are you interested in becoming an FM distributor but haven’t signed up yet? Here’s how you can sign up and start earning with us in a matter of minutes.

  1. Sign Up

    Simply fill out our straightforward form – selecting the ‘distributor’ field under the ‘status’ header. Within just a few minutes, you should receive logins and exclusive discounts for our online store – making you an official business partner!

  2. Sponsor Discussion

    Becoming an FM business partner is all about doing things your way. That’s why, after you’ve submitted your form, your sponsor (an experienced team leader), will talk about your goals as a distributor, and how to achieve them. They’ll also make sure you’re signed up for all the training you’ll need to succeed!

  3. Start Earning

    Our in-demand, well-loved products make selling easy and natural. Remember – you can sell to anyone – from family and friends to perfume enthusiasts looking for their next affordable luxury fragrance! Your profit will be the direct mark-up from your sales – meaning your earning potential is huge.

  4. Create your own Structure – become a Sponsor!

    By building your own group of independent business partners, you’ll earn extra money depending on the point turnover and structure achieved by your group.
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FM World Distributors FAQs

Everything you need to know about FM World UK. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Contact Us

When starting out in FM as a business partner, it is free to sign up and access the fabulous FM member discounts of around 30%. Because FM appreciate that a great way to earn trust and brand affinity with your target audience is to prove that you know your way around our products, there are also special extra discounts during your first 10 days.

This exclusive Smart Start incentive means that you can select FM products at a huge saving to help you experience the products for yourself and create your own personally selected small collection of demo items to show others.

FM offers great opportunities to all members as soon as they join – whether they just want to get discounts, or sell and build a business. From the offset, prospective members have two options when registering; a ‘preferred customer’ will receive exclusive discounts of up to 30%, whilst a ‘distributor’ can sell products to other FM lovers and keep the direct profit. Although becoming a preferred customer will save you money on each and every order, you won’t be able to earn any income from this option.

As soon as you choose or upgrade your membership to ‘distributor’ you will have access to the same discounted prices as a preferred member, but with the opportunity to sell your purchases on – turning your savings into profits!

Every product purchased will also grant you a number of points that are accumulated during the mont to help to determine your bonus amount.

If you would like to explore what FM World can offer you in terms of your career and lifestyle, then becoming a distributor is the best way to find out! Being a preferred customer is a great way to show your loyalty and receive up to 30% off our amazing products but won’t allow you to make sales or grow a team of your own. Upgrading your membership to the distributor tier opens opportunities for first-hand experience alongside the chance to start earning immediately!

To sign up as a distributor simply fill in our registration form with all the required details, select the member status ‘distributor’, and complete. You will then get a confirmation email and login details to access the business partner shop and be ready to go!

FM World has formulated an extensive, tried and tested marketing plan that outlines everything you need to know about your huge earning potential. In short, sales equal profit and points, and points accumulated throughout the month determine your bonus level. Each product has varied direct profit and points value, and all sales decisions are made solely by you. With FM World, you’re truly your own boss!

Earning commission is easiest when working with your team. As soon as you join FM World you are linked to an experienced member who, acting as your mentor till you find your feet, will support you. Each team member will earn their own personal points when sales are made. If you decide to build a team, their personal points and your own contribute to a your team total for that month; 7,200 group points could land you each a bonus of over £170 if the points were all from your own personal sales! The more points your team has the greater chance you have of receiving a higher commission bonus depending on the structure of your team.

Once you are signed up as a distributor with FM World the opportunities are near limitless. You have access to training and coaching whenever you need it, you get your own free customer webshop and full online catalogue, and direct profit and points are made with every sale. In order to gain the highest bonus percentage at your level, you must stay consistent, be authentic and have fun! 

Our experts within FM say utilising the internet and social media power can greatly help you network with other members, reach a larger audience, and target exactly who you would like to offer our products to or potentially work with. Check out our dedicated social media blogs and find out what our most successful FM members are doing to grow their businesses.

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