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Our preferred customer tier is the simplest of all our membership options – allowing perfume lovers, cosmetics enthusiasts, and everyone in-between to create an FM account, and access a discount of up to 30% on all of our best-selling luxury products, alongside exclusive promo events and FM sales! The best part? It’s 100% free.

Why not sign up today and discover what you could treat yourself to?

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What are the Benefits of Being an FM Preferred Customer?

Our preferred customers benefit from the very best FM World shopping experience. Discover why you should sign up today:

How to Join FM World as a Preferred Customer

Are you interested in becoming an FM preferred customer and unlocking exclusive discounts and special offers? Simply sign up in a matter of minutes following these simple steps:

  1. Sign Up

    Simply open our short sign up form, and enter your details. Under the status section, be sure to select ‘preferred customer’ if you’re just looking to shop with discounts! If you want to start a business with FM world, why not give our distributor page a read?

  2. Receive your Details

    Once you’ve submitted your online form, you’ll receive an email including all of your brand new account details and discount information, alongside a link to our exclusive members’ online store. Simply sign in, and you’re ready to go!

  3. Shop!

    Signing up really is as simple as that! You should now have access to our entire range of luxury products, available for UK delivery at price points exclusive to FM members. Be sure to keep an eye out for regular special offers and sale events!
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FM World Incentives FAQs

Everything you need to know about FM World UK. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Contact Us

All of our famous FM products are already offered at affordable price points whilst maintaining the utmost quality. For this reason, FM World does not currently offer any discount codes. However, we like to look after those that love our products, keep coming back for more, and share their experience so as a token of our appreciation, offer the free ‘preferred customer’ membership tier!

As a preferred customer, all FM products, from health and wellbeing supplements to hair and skin care solutions to our famous, well-loved perfumes, are up to 30% off their original price! Our member sign-up process is easier than ever with a few simple steps you’ll be loving your discounted products in no time!

You can buy FM World products from an existing FM business partner, or via our online shop as a member.

If you’re looking for guidance, an existing FM business partner will be able to provide the extensive knowledge and experience of the products needed to discover the perfect items for you. If you’d like to browse all of our products and see for yourself why everyone loves FM, why not join as a preferred customer? It is a simple process and will gain you access to exclusive discounts across all of our product brands.

All you need to do is complete our registration form, fill in all the required details and then an email will be sent for your confirmation. Once you have done this another email will reach you, containing your login details for the FM store. Here, you are free to access your discounted products from all of our brands!

There are many benefits to becoming an FM World member – no matter the tier you are in you will receive access to a discount on all FM products and exclusive sales. With a preferred customer membership, you will benefit from up to 30% off all FM products – so have the opportunity to find your perfect perfume, well-being product, or skincare solution without committing to full price.

When you start as a preferred customer before joining as a distributor, you get the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of FM World and the products – solidifying your chance of inevitable success before you even begin.

Did you know that preferred customers can help distributors grow their FM businesses? As a distributor, you may think that because members can already access discounted prices, they won’t be interested in joining the selling fun too – but that isn’t always the case.

When a preferred customer has experienced the slick process from order to delivery to enjoying their product, they will soon tell their family and friends about FM – keeping them happy should be high on your list. Stay in touch with them where possible and let them know about exclusive deals before other customers – and they might just ask you more and more about your role. Once they hear about how great FM World can be for people just like them, they might upgrade their membership and start to build their own structure within your team!

Nowadays, saving money wherever possible is a priority – so we wanted to make it easier to get your beloved FM products for an even more affordable price than usual. Becoming a preferred customer will open opportunities for you to purchase your favourite perfume or beauty product with up to 30% off the original price. Not only that, but our membership programme is completely free to join with no sign-up fees required!

If you want to start earning more with FM however, then changing and upgrading your membership to be a distributor will give you access to being able to build a team and potential to quality for more incentives. By doing this, you will also gain the opportunity to receive direct mentorship from a current team leader within FM and the experience to grow your own team of FM members. The earning potential is huge, allowing you to push yourself to be the best you possibly can with the chance to win great rewards along the way.