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Welcome to FM Perfume Group’s blog! Here, our experienced leaders Julita Habet and Roy Strong  post articles on everything from network marketing sales ideas to lessons in becoming the best possible perfume seller! Whether you’d like to master selling your products on social media, or learn to throw a perfume party, you’ll find the tips and tricks you need to succeed in direct sales on this page!

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Sales Tips

Looking to improve your sales figures and take your FM world business to new heights? Our FM Perfume Group sales tips blog posts are filled with tips and tricks developed and tested by FM World’s very best sellers

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Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful network marketing tools in the world – so why not use it to your advantage? If you’re looking to boost your business using Facebook, Instagram, or any other social network/app, read on for some standout advice and tutorials!

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Team Building

Want to know how to expand your FM World team and build your business as an entrepreneur? Read our top team building tips to discover how you could strengthen your numbers and qualify for incentives.

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Network Marketing

New to the world of network marketing? Want to make the most of the FM World opportunity? Our dedicated network marketing blog posts are here to help you understand the business model, and settle into success.

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FM World Products Reviews

Our bestselling range of perfume, cosmetics, nutritional supplements, and home fragrances is at the core of our partners’ businesses. Why not boost your success by building your knowledge? Read our product blog posts to discover our latest launches, reviews, and more!

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FM Perfume Group Blog FAQs

Everything you need to know about FM World UK. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Contact Us

FM World is one of the biggest multi-level marketing companies in the world – spanning over 50 countries with thousands of members and representatives dedicated to sharing the love for FM with everyone! The way FM works is positively unique; removing tight working hours and salary ceilings to encourage flexibility and high earning potential.

Multi-level marketing is a form of direct selling that cuts out the extra step that conventional, store-selling presents. Sales are made directly to the customer, providing an excellent, personal service whilst offering one-of-a-kind fragrance, cosmetic, and lifestyle products. The name ‘multi-level’ comes from the significant expansion you can generate for yourself and a team of your own – once you have gained experience and had time to sell for yourself you can coach others to success too!

In short: FM is a multi-level marketing company offering amazing progression and huge earning potential.

FM World gives its members the opportunity to grow and learn as much as they wish through sales efforts and networking with other or potential members; both of which you will be able to earn from. There are two main methods for generating income – direct sale profit and commission points. Both are great ways to set yourself free financially whilst being rewarded with limitless income, luxury holidays, and even cars!

To break it down simply, money is earned as soon as a purchase is made by your customers, family, or friends. The direct profit of that product will be given to you without any percentage cuts. For example, if your friend purchased one of our signature Pure Royal fragrances for £13.50 when you paid only £9.50 with our distributor discount, the £4.00 difference would be yours! Once the order was placed, you would also receive points per item – these differ between our extensive range of products – and count towards your monthly point total. The more points you gather during the month, the higher your commission bonus will be.

Since launching in 2004, FM has seen great growth and success generated from its members, who have used a unique combination of network marketing skills, industry expertise, and great personal drive to build their businesses. FM believes that anyone can be successful if the right amount of commitment and learning is applied. Want to join the 1 million members who demonstrate their value each and every day? Take a look at these easy tips to help you achieve greatness too!

  • Put yourself out there. You will need to spread your business across various platforms in order to get your name and products known. Connecting your social media accounts to your personal Facebook is a great start and will encourage people to see you as legitimate. Try creating blog posts to share long-form views and stories where social captions limit word counts.
  • Try to network with other members as much as possible. Surround yourself with people that have experience in the industry, as they will be able to teach you a lot about their own sales strategies and how the company operates.
  • Get to know the products. How can you sell and promote something if you don’t love it yourself? Utilise your extra 20% discount when you first sign up to purchase some – with FM’s wide range of amazing products you are bound to want to share how great they really are!

FM believes that everyone has the potential to create an empire of their own, and with the right coaching, drive, and mindset you can achieve just that. To get you in the know, FM has created a thoroughly detailed marketing plan that includes an attractive commission structure. This has been carefully devised and optimised to ensure no efforts go unnoticed. Here’s an example of the commission structure in action:

Once you have joined a team and started to earn personal points, your group’s points will be calculated monthly and put towards an overall total. Each increment of points (300, 1,200, 3,600, 7,200 and so on) will grant you a different score – called an effectiveness level – which allows for the groups’ bonuses to be determined. If you did the 7,200 points personally, you could be entitled to approximately £170 in bonuses!

Starting back in 2004, FM founder Mr Trawiński created a business based on the sale of unique and inspired perfumes that quickly boomed. In the following years, FM World’s success continued, with its product range seeing an increase from around 80 fragrances to a catalogue of over 900 products, including skin and hair care, homeware accessories, nutritional supplements, cosmetics, and, of course, its famous perfumes and fragrances. 

To break down this extensive range of fantastic products, FM World is split into different product brands/collections – making it easier for you to find and recognise them! UTIQUE includes luxury perfumes, fragranced body balms and oils, and scented candles. Our HAIRLAB products are perfectly formulated hair care for all types and tones, keeping your best accessory looking healthier than ever. FONTAINAVIE is where opulence meets science to bring you innovative, luxury skincare products ready to target any concern. If you are lacking energy or want to ensure your body is cared for from the inside out, NUTRICODE is your answer! Assisting your health with a wide range of vitamins and supplements so you feel your best every day. Take a look through our catalogue’s impressive range of FM products.

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