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Do you want to start your own perfume business in partnership with FM World? Whether you’re looking to indulge in our range of best-selling perfumes at a discounted rate, be your own boss, or just want to make money doing something you love – joining us could be the opportunity you’ve been searching for.

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For FM perfume sellers, combining businesses and pleasure is simple and profitable. From the moment you sign up as a distributor or team leader with us, you’ll be given the resources and guidance you’ll need to design your career, manage your time, and build the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. Better yet, FM World is completely free to join – with no start-up costs or extra fees.

Whether you’re a perfume aficionado, have no experience at all, or are somewhere in between, we can’t wait to welcome you to our thriving direct sales community – where you’ll be able to discover and sell our in-demand line of ‘affordable luxury’ fragrances, benefit from incentives including bonuses, cars, and luxury holidays, and unlock huge earning potential.

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Discover FM World Fragrances

For thousands of years, people all over the world have been in love with one of the most exciting, exhilarating, sensual, provocative and desirable products ever created – perfume. From captivating floral accords, and decadent gourmands to seductive spices, aromatic woody notes and everything in between, there’s truly a scent to suit anyone.

FM World’s expertly blended luxury fragrances capture the unique power of scent – both creating and unlocking memories of life’s most beautiful moments. Discover our iconic collection of high-concentration perfumes – all of which you’ll receive around 30% discount on as a preferred member, distributor, or team leader.

What Makes FM Fragrances Special?

True Luxury for Less

Our fragrances are composed of only the highest quality, purest of oils and ingredients. We’re able to sell our products at an affordable price point as a result of our use of direct marketing – cutting upfront costs, but not product quality – and passing more profit on to you, our FM team members.

High Concentration

The vast majority of affordable perfumes available on the market consist of only 5-15% concentrated perfume oil. FM Perfumes are stocked exclusively in parfum formats at affordable price points. Each of our bottles is at least 20% concentrated – meaning superb projection and longevity.

Extensive Product Range

Our strong connections with leading designer perfume manufacturers allows FM World to stay agile. We develop, on average, around 30 new fragrances per year. Some of our most popular perfumes are used across ur ranges of candles, mists, sprays, wax melts, air fresheners, and more – keeping our client base on-trend and eager for more.

Proudly Ethical

FM World is a proudly fair and ethical organisation. Each member of the FM family benefit from FM’s fair principles and commitment to free training, and good working conditions. Our commitment to good goes further than this though – much of our packaging is made from eco-friendly materials, and our products are not tested on animals.

Explore Our Best-Selling Perfume Products

Our bestselling FM perfumes are the cornerstone of our team members’ businesses. These well-loved icons and Federico Mahora classics are adored across the world – and help elevate our business partners’ sales figures towards luxury incentives.

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Joining FM World UK is free and simple - with endless benefits.

How to Register as an FM World Seller

Are you ready to get started? Here’s how the FM World sign-up process works:

  1. Sign Up

    Simply fill in our short sign up form to start your FM World journey. Don’t worry – you don’t need to pay any fees or buy a starter kit – joining us as a member is 100% free.

  2. Sponsor Discussion

    Your FM World sponsor or a member of your ‘upline’ will reach out to you soon after you’ve completed our sign-up form. They’ll chat with you about your business ambitions, and make sure you’re signed up for all the training you’ll need to succeed.

  3. Start Earning

    You get begin straightaway, supported by simple online training – and start using your discount to experience the fabulous FM products for yourself, as well as being ready to start earning! Your profit will be the direct mark-up from your sales – meaning your earning potential is fantastic.

  4. Create your own Structure – become a Sponsor!

    By building your own group of independent business partners, you’ll earn extra money depending on the point turnover achieved by your group.
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FM World’s Other Products

Discover our wide range of luxury products including perfumes, cosmetics, skincare, and nutrition lines:

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How to Build Your Income With FM World

Do you want to find out more about how the FM World opportunity could benefit you? Whether you’re interested in our range of perfume, makeup, and home products, are looking for exclusive discounts, or want to increase your income by creating a direct sales empire, you’ll find everything you need to know in our business presentation here. 


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FM World Perfume Seller FAQs

Everything you need to know about FM World UK. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Contact Us

Joining FM Perfume is a simple and quick process. All you’ll need to do is fill in an online form and wait for the email with your FM World id number and password – and you’ll be ready to start selling/benefit from your automatic discounts on our entire range of fragrances.

Don’t worry – you don’t need to pay any fees or buy a starter kit – joining us as a member is 100% free. In addition, we’ll make sure you’re signed up for all the training you’ll need to succeed.

If you’d like to join FM World and start building your dream lifestyle, click the ‘Start Your FM World Journey’ button above to get started.

Whilst FM World’s iconic line of standout fragrances shares a perfume oil manufacturer with many perfumes – we don’t sell fakes or imitations. Our perfumes are developed and designed in response to our customers’ evolving needs, preferred scents, and favourite combinations – with ingredients, packaging, names, and campaigns exclusive to FM World. On our site and in our catalogue, you’ll find our fragrance collections sorted into 6 distinct scent families, from which you’ll be able to pick out your favourite combinations and familiar ingredients. Rest assured, our perfumes are composed of only the highest quality, purest oils and ingredients, and are offered at concentrations of 20% or above only.

FM Fragrances have always been designed, developed, and manufactured with the intent of offering our customer base a luxury product at an affordable price point with unwavering quality. We do this primarily through minimising advertising and selling campaign costs – relying instead on our trusted network marketing sales method and brilliant team members to spread the word about our well-loved range of iconic perfumes. 

Whilst our prices may be lower than other brands, we never compromise on our composition, ingredients, and processes, with each and every one of our scents being produced by a luxury fragrance manufacturer responsible for many of the world’s top perfumes – and therefore composed of only the highest quality, purest of oils and ingredients.

FM World’s perfume range and MLM selling model offers huge income potential – putting you in full control of your own perfume business, career path, and time. Our partner’s primary earnings are made through direct commission of around 30% on their own sales, with extra commission made through their team members’ or ‘downline’s’ sales. 

Beyond monetary earnings, FM World is also proud to offer a wide range of attainable luxury incentives including car programme and luxury holidays.

Are you ready to start your FM journey? Selling FM perfume as a member of our team, representative, or team leader is simple. With us, you’ll be able to sign up 100% free, be in control of your own stock, manage your own time, and take advantage of huge income potential. All you have to do is fill in our initial sign-up form seen above. After you’ve submitted this basic information, one of our experienced sponsors will reach out for a quick chat to establish your business goals and preferences. After completing your free training, and familiarising yourself with our stock, you’ll be ready to start selling/benefit from your automatic discounts on our entire range of fragrances.

With FM World, you’re in control. There’s no compulsory starter kit purchase, targets, or minimum orders.

For many perfume lovers, deciding between scents to wear is hard, but is having more than one FM Perfume product on the go at once a bad thing? Your perfume, although formulated with denatured alcohol, does expire; all our perfumes have an expiry date shown on the box but there are some other key things to look out for to indicate it’s time to throw out your fragrance. 

One of the most obvious signs is to see if the perfume looks different from when you first bought it. If the colour deepens or turns cloudy it may be unsuitable to use anymore and need replacing. Following on from its appearance is scent – if the sweet, floral fragrance you are expecting starts to turn heavy and chemical-like, your FM perfume is probably past its best. 

Some tips to take on board that’ll keep your fragrances fresh for longer include storing your FM perfume in a room with stable temperature conditions and out of direct sunlight. In addition, try to keep your perfume in its original bottle or container to avoid oxidation.

Common places to apply your favourite FM Fragrances are known across the world, but did you know you might be applying your scent slightly wrong? Adding perfume to your pulse points, the areas of your body that emit the most heat, allows the fragrance to diffuse from your body throughout the day. Here are some top tips to get the most out of your FM perfumes:

  • When spritzing your wrists you’ll probably be tempted to rub them together to distribute, but stop! You don’t want to cause friction between your pulse points as this can damage the scent
  • Inside your elbows is a great spot for your fragrance to sink in because as you move around throughout your day, the perfume oils will be released. Applying a matching body lotion or an unscented moisturiser before will hydrate the skin, making the scent last longer
  • Some areas people may not have thought about include, behind the knees, feet, hair, ears, collarbone, neck and shoulders. These parts of the body are all fantastic places to put your beloved FM Perfumes, due to movement and surface area – the more skin the perfume sinks into the greater the fragrance will be. 

One reason why people love to wear perfume so much is because of how truly unique it can be. No real studies have been conducted or scientific evidence gained to suggest a chemical reaction occurs between a fragrance and a person’s skin. However, some factors can determine why perfume, including our FM Perfumes, smell differently from person to person. 

Skin type may mean perfumes last differently and vary in scent. For example, perfume is drawn to oil, so if you have oilier skin certain notes within the fragrance may stand out more than someone with dryer skin. If you are the latter, we would advise you to regularly moisturise and for the best results – why not try using body oil before applying your chosen fragrance?

Everybody’s pH level is unique to them, impacting scents when applied. When the perfume comes in contact with a certain pH level, different notes of the fragrance mix with one’s natural scent, creating a completely personal fragrance differing from that within the bottle.

Whether you are looking for a scent to last you all day or a lighter, more customisable fragrance, all FM perfumes are Parfum strength.! 

If you prefer a light spritz that needs to  be applied throughout the day, we would suggest you opt for an Eau de Toilette – with a perfume oil concentration of 5 to 15%, a fragrance of this type is likely to last around 2 to 4 hours.

Eau de Parfum is a step up in strength from Eau de Toilette. It will typically last around 3 to 5 hours due to its 15 to 20% concentrated perfume essence. 

If you’re after a more intense scent, we recommend our Parfums; this line consists of between 20 to 30% fragrance oils making its bottles stronger than most perfumes on the market! Mixed with only denatured alcohol, our line of FM Parfum fragrances have a maximum scent lasting up to 8 hours with no need to reapply.

Our FM Parfum is the highest-strength fragrance we offer containing 20 to 30% concentrated perfume essence. The remaining genetic makeup of our perfumes, as with most fragrances on the market, is alcohol. Formulating with only denatured alcohol and perfume oils for maximum fragrance output makes for the perfect daytime or evening scent.

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