fm pure royal perfumes 800 and 171

Published on

29 September 2018


Strong Habet Team

FM Pure Royal Perfumes

Welcome to the world of FM PURE ROYAL PERFUMES!

The noble accords staying on your skin for an amazingly long time, locked in a bottle of majestic grace, are a completely new quality in the world of perfume. A wide range of exceptional fragrances for women and men by FM World – you will certainly find the one that will charm you and make you feel truly special.

fm pure royal perfumes 800 and 171

This range replaced the former FM Luxury Collection, which was Eau de Parfum and now they are FM PURE ROYAL they have a higher perfume concentration (Parfum strength) and even more stunning packaging.

fm pure royal perfume 199

We love the Pure Royal 809 and 171 perfumes for women, and the Pure Royal 813 and 199 perfumes for men. We would love to hear which ones are your favourites 🙂