How to Use FM Fontainavie Tan Accelerator

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09 June 2022


Strong Habet Team

The World’s Best Tanning Product? FM World Tan Accelerator Review

Tans. For years, they’ve been the perfect accessory to every outfit, the ultimate confidence booster, and a summertime staple – especially here in the UK. After all, who can resist the allure of a perfect, sunkissed glow?

Fontainavie FM Tan Accelerator Review

Apparently, not many of us! A 2015 survey indicated that achieving an ideal golden complexion is key to feeling healthy, happy, and confident for thousands – with over 80% of respondents agreeing that tanning makes them appear healthier, and more than 60% stating that they feel slimmer, and confident in showing more skin post-holiday or tanning appointment. With this being said, much like finding the perfect dress or handbag, achieving that perfect tan can be a difficult task. That’s where tanning products come in.

After years of searching for the best way to achieve that coveted bronzed look – be it through fake tanning, sunbeds, or out in the wild, our sun-seeking tan specialists have worked to develop the best solution on the market – FM Fontainavie Tan Accelerator.

If you want to discover how a tanning accelerator could help you achieve your best glow yet, why our Fontainavie Tan Accelerator has become a year on year sellout, and, most importantly, if it really works, keep reading. We’ve put our product to the test by gifting it to a team of product reviewers, who have given their honest feedback below!

What is Tan Accelerator?

Fake tan isn’t always the first port of call for those of us who love a golden glow! Whether you just can’t get to grips with a streak-free fake tan application or want to build a guaranteed natural look over time, tan accelerator could be your ideal route to a beautiful, natural, and healthy finish.

The Worlds Best Tanning Product FM World Tan Accelerator Review

Instead of staining the skin with artificial pigment, products like Fontainavie Tan Accelerator work to stimulate the production of melanin – the pigment responsible for the colour of our skin, and ultimately, the golden glow we all know and love.

In short, when exposed to UV rays like those produced by the sun, our bodies produce higher amounts of the melanin pigment in order to protect from burning – resulting in the beautiful golden brown colour we call a tan. Accelerator lotions simply encourage this process, bringing out your natural colour and helping your skin settle into its own brilliant glow. All you’ve got to do is apply, find a UV source, and enjoy the tan-enhancing results!

There are hundreds of different tan accelerators on the market, with most coming in lotion or oil-based formats designed for either indoor sunbed use, outdoor tanning, or both. With formulas including traditional accelerators, bronzers, and tingle lotions, there’s truly an option out there for everyone.

Why Use Tan Accelerator?

Tan accelerator is one of the best ways to achieve an all-natural, deep glow without the added effort of fake tan application. Whether you’re looking to build up a natural bronzed look in your garden before your holiday, or feel your existing tan could do with a top-up, the right lotion and formula can make all the difference, taking skin from pasty to pigmented faster than ever. 

In short, tan accelerator has become a favourite for sun-seekers across the globe because of its ability to deeply enhance a natural tan – swapping the risk of streaks for a quick, natural, and lasting glow – but its ability to bring out a brilliant bronzed look isn’t the only reason for its lasting popularity. Over the years, product developers and skincare scientists, including FM World/Fontainavie’s expert teams, have worked to ensure tan accelerator enthusiasts truly get their money’s worth, creating unique formulas featuring a wide range of skincare ingredients, from anti-ageing vitamin-E to moisturising coconut butter – keeping skin healthy and vibrant. 

FM World Fontainavie Tan Accelerator Review

When it comes to tan accelerators, there are hundreds of different options to choose from – but only a few truly effective bestsellers out there! Luckily for those trying to decide on the ‘one to beat’, our product testers have put together a review of a long-running industry leader – FM Tan Accelerator. 

‘FM World/Fontainavie’s carefully formulated tan accelerator perfectly balances active tanning ingredients with a strong focus on skincare – ensuring your skin stays healthy and beautiful even months post-application. Featuring beautifully minimalistic packaging, a creamy, rich texture, and a gorgeous scent, it’s the perfect option for anyone seeking to build a deep, natural tan quickly and effectively – even if you are a complete tanning beginner. Priced at £20.00, it offers results and an active ingredient list on-par to those of top of the market, luxury options at just half of the cost.’

FM Tan Accelerator’s Main Ingredients:

‘FM World is renowned for its luxury perfume ingredient lists – and extends this privilege to their tanning range. Its skincare focused, bronze-building formula features anti-ageing vitamin E, alongside plentiful cocoa butter, carrot seed oil, and soy phytosterols – ensuring skin remains nourished, moisturised, and retains its elasticity, even after time under the sun or UV lights. Plus, thanks to its excellent biocompatibility, it works to rebuild the epidermal protective barrier with every application.’

After continuous use, our team of product testers stated that this ingredient list truly lives up to its promises, noting its strong, long-lasting moisturising properties as a standout feature both for the face and body! Many felt that as a result of this hydration, Fontainavie Tan Accelerator helped their natural tan last longer too!

Is Fontainavie Tan Accelerator Worth it?

Our self-tanning team found Fontainavie to be suitable for all skin types (even sensitive), beginner-friendly, and agreed that it delivered a hydrated, nourished, natural tan when used outdoors.

‘The Fontainavie Tan Accelerator has been my ultimate accessory whilst prepping for my summer holidays abroad this year! Whilst we haven’t had very many days of good, strong sunshine here in Suffolk, I’ve still managed to develop a natural golden glow by applying it and sunbathing for whenever the sky turns blue and I can get to my garden sunbed! The lotion always leaves my skin silky smooth, and the result, even after just a few days of repeated use, is brilliant. It’ll be using it in the future for sure!’

‘I’d never used a tan accelerator before so approached this entire situation as a complete beginner – but couldn’t be more pleased with the results! The lotion is so simple to apply, and really helped me get the best out of my first ever application. The results are a world away from the orange-toned fake tan results I’m used to! I can’t wait to show off my natural golden glow this summer!’ 

For amateur self-tanners, FM tan accelerator provides a brilliant gradual solution to achieving a golden glow without added effort – trading bottled fake tan’s risk of streaks and waning longevity for just a little time in the sunshine. For experienced sun worshippers, it offers a brilliant, easy-to-apply experience with enhanced aftercare properties.

Is Fontainavie Tan Accelerator Worth it

How to Use FM Fontainavie Tan Accelerator 

Ready to dive into the world of tan accelerators but not quite sure how to get the best possible results? Our self-tanning experts have put together a tried-and-tested routine, plus, their very best advice – designed to help you achieve that perfect sun-kissed glow using FM Fontainavie. 

Want a 100% Sunless Tan? Discover FM World Fake Tan

Sitting under the sun or using a sunbed isn’t the best option for everyone. If you’ve got particularly sensitive skin, don’t have the time to visit the solarium, or need an instant tan before a night out, traditional fake tanning lotions, creams, and foams are the way to go.  Whilst tan accelerators focus on developing a natural tan by encouraging the production of melanin under the sun, fake tan uses an active ingredient (most often DHA/dihydroxyacetone) to encourage a safe chemical reaction within the skin, causing it to brown in a similar way to a natural tan. Unlike a glow produced by sunlight or artificial UV rays, fake tanning products affect only the outermost layer of dead skin cells, producing a stain-like effect. These products are the best possible way to achieve a gorgeous golden look with no sun at all. 

If you’re looking to achieve a bronzed look this summer, why not discover our skincare-focused self-tanning line; Fontainavie Self-Tanning Balm and Fontainavie Self-Tanning Mist. These fast, effective, and nourishing self-tanning products are the perfect way to create a lasting tan without streaks, smudges, stains, or sun!

How to Use FM Fontainavie Tan Accelerator

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