FM World Pure Royal 910 Fragrance

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10 June 2022


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What does FM World 910 Smell Like? | FM World Perfume Reviews

FM World Pure Royal 910 has held a top spot amongst FM World’s bestselling fragrances in the UK for multiple years running – and for good reason. 910 is considered by many to be true ‘signature scent’ material. This popular bottle combines notes from some of the world’s most popular scent families – making it a firm favourite for women seeking a classy, complex, and universally flattering fragrance. 

FM World Pure Royal 910 Fragrance

In this blog post, our fragrance experts give you the rundown of what exactly FM 910 smells like, and whether or not you should consider purchasing a bottle (or two)! 

What is FM World Pure Royal 910?

FM World Pure Royal 910 is a unisex fragrance designed and produced by leading perfumiers Drom Fragrances/Givaudan – a luxury fragrance manufacturer responsible for many of the world’s top perfumes. Their extensive portfolio includes a whole host of designer scents, (including many of those marketed by exclusive fashion houses), creating a solid foundation for their ongoing partnership with one of the world’s prime perfume distributors, FM World – and for the development of this bestselling bottle.  

Composed of complex, rich base notes of cashmere wood, ambergris, moss, and brown sugar, this beautifully opulent yet affordable fragrance offers an immersive, alluring experience for the senses. Described by the industry’s leading noses as an amber-laced, woody scent, FM 910 is highlighted by a full-bodied yet airy sweetness supported by indulgent headnotes of saffron and jasmine. 

Whilst 910’s notes list is the true star of the show, its other standout qualities – including the outstanding value for money it offers – shouldn’t be overlooked! The vast majority of affordable perfumes available on the market at a similar price point to Pure Royal 910 are often labelled Eau de Toilette – meaning they consist of only 3-8% concentrated perfume oil. 910 on the other hand, is a true Eau de Parfum featuring 20% concentration, meaning it offers superior quality and lasting power at an incredibly low price point. 

Pure Royal 910 can be purchased through authorised FM World distributors, or directly by those signed up to the FM World’s exclusive preferred customer programme.

What does FM 910 Smell Like?

FM World 910, is an amber/wood scent that expertly balances complex, deep earthy notes with a rich, deep, and spicy element of sweetness. This multi-faceted approach by developers FM World has allowed for the creation of an opulent yet light fragrance equally personal as it is universal. The perfect option for those seeking a classy, feminine option with true depth, FM 910 offers staggering intricacy for its sub £30 price point. 

The fragrance’s official notes are as follows: 

Head: Jasmine, Saffron

The head notes of this complex fragrance truly lead in its offering of a subtle, opulent sweetness – noticeable even under its woody heart and base. Whilst jasmine provides a uniquely intense balance of sweet floral and complex musk in itself, 910’s luxe Saffron notes are truly in a league of their own, bridging each of the perfume’s fragrance families with its earthy, sweet-yet-woody, intimate scent.

FM Perfume 910 Notes Of Jasmine

Heart: Balsam Fir, Cedarwood

Pure Royal 910’s heart is truly one of classic wood scents – adding a much-needed sense of depth and sophistication to the sweeter notes present in its head and base. Whilst balsam fir amplifies saffron’s slight spice with its aromatic, green nature, this element of the perfume is equally as soft as its floral counterparts. With this being said, this delicate woody element certainly holds its own against the perfume’s more prevalent cedarwood scent – a sultry, smoky addition with nuances highly complementary to its other notes.  

Base: Cashmere Wood, Ambergris, Moss, Brown Sugar

FM 910’s deep nature is by no means abandoned at its core. A complex, but near hypnotic mix of cashmere wood, ambergris, moss, and brown sugar, the perfume’s long-lasting base expertly mixes musk, wood, spice, and sweetness – confidently consolidating the depth and balance for which it has fast become renowned. Whilst FM 910’s cashmere notes pair wonderfully with its woody heart, they also offer an answer to saffron’s spice in the form of beautifully fragrant, vanilla traces –  swapping overt, gourmand sweetness for sensual depth. Synthetic notes of ambergris contribute to the scent’s earthy elements, whilst moss plays excellently into its woody side with a pleasantly damp, forest-y touch, and contributes to the scent’s longevity as an effective natural ‘fixative’.

FM Perfume 910 Notes Of Brown Sugar

Longevity and Projection 

FM World’s Pure Royal range, though deceivingly affordable, is composed of fragrances featuring only 20% concentrated perfume oil. This generally means that they offer superior longevity and projection to the majority of Eau de Toilettes on the market – a statement that certainly rings true within the context of FM 910. Though perfume longevity can differ according to skin type and lifestyle, our testers found that the scent lasted between 5 and 8 hours on skin, with woody notes reigning supreme after dry-down. 

In order to improve the scent’s longevity, remember to spray onto the heat points of your skin – not directly onto your clothes (however tempting)! A quick spray to the wrist, inner elbow, or back of the knee will ensure superior longevity and projection – earning you compliments for hours to come. 

Is FM World Pure Royal 910 Worth the Money?

Whilst we’ve established that FM 910 is a beautifully opulent, complex fragrance with luxe notes comparable with any of its high-end fragrance-family relatives,  the question remains – is it worth buying? Our expert fragrance testers and perfumiers answer with an absolute yes. Here’s why: 

Pure Royal 910 is an instant classic. Despite its status as a bestseller, it’s unique on the skin, an absolute standout, and a proven compliment magnet. The perfect option for a signature scent suitable for all situations, 910 offers a unique balance of accessible sweetness and unique, woody depth. It’s sensual yet classy, noticeable yet not overpowering – and features a perfectly crafted, luxury note list comparable to those of the world’s most expensive fragrances. 

At less than £30 for a 50ml bottle, it’s an absolute steal. 

Discover Other Bestselling FM World Fragrances

If amber/woody scents aren’t at the number one spot on your fragrance wishlist, FM World’s extensive library of affordable luxury fragrances will most likely have an option perfectly suited to your unique taste. With bottles available across all six fragrance families, there’s no better place to discover your next signature scent. 

FM 18

FM 18 has long held its spot at the very top of the FM Pure ladies’ perfume range bestsellers list. Featuring beautifully fruity top notes of orange and orange blossom supported by a heart of floral rose, jasmine and ylang-ylang with a base of white musk, vetiver, tonka bean and a hint of vanilla, this bottle is a classically feminine option. 

FM 20

This oriental smash-hit is a popular option for both gifting and personal shopping, offering a beautifully sensual combination of base notes including musk and patchouli with a sweet, romantic, and floral heart of rose, freesia, magnolia and orchid. A sweet sensation with hints of amber and spice, FM20 is a surefire favourite amongst fragrance lovers.

Bestselling FM World Fragrances 20

FM 489 

FM 489 is a uniquely intoxicating scent with a loyal collection of fans and re-purchasers. Combining heady base notes of cedarwood, patchouli, tonka bean and ambergris with eccentric heart notes of orange blossom, water notes, lily of the valley and cashmere wood – FM 489 offers a certain complex sweetness culminating in a beautiful arrangement of green leaves, anise and blackcurrant.

FM 436 

FM 436 perfectly blends otherwise contrasting scents to create a beautiful perfume fit for the modern-day goddess. Featuring a truly unique mix of florals, woods, and spices including vanilla, cashmere, and night flowers, this fragrance expertly balances sweetness and sophistication, making it the perfect transition fragrance from day to night. 

FM 413

Another oriental fragrance featuring in the FM World top sellers list, FM 413 is a sweet, flirtatious option opting to indulge completely in fruits and florals. Heavily featuring scents such as blackcurrant and pear with notes of chocolate pralines and vanilla, 413 embraces the gourmand and mixes it with beautiful notes of jasmine and orange blossom.  

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