How does FM World Work?

FM World is a large perfume and cosmetics company – transforming the industry of everyday luxury products using the network marketing model since 2004.

Originally founded in Poland by Artur Trawiński, FM World has fast expanded on a global scale – boasting a well-developed product range over the perfume, cosmetics, skincare, nutrition, and home categories. Now one of the world’s largest MLM companies, FM World prides itself on its high-quality products, attractive prices, ethical direct selling model, and, of course, its booming community of empowered partners.

Empowering Entrepreneurs

FM World offers people across the globe the opportunity to start their own business, enjoy their own time, and earn money doing something they love. Our opportunity makes combining business with pleasure easier than ever before.

From the moment you sign up as an FM World partner, you’ll be given the resources and guidance you’ll need to design your career, manage your time, and build the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. Better yet, FM World is completely free to join – with no compulsory start-up costs, extra fees. No minimum orders or targets – and you’ll never have to hold stock. You’ll truly work at your pace, and in line with your ambitions.

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What is Multi-Level Marketing and How Does it Work?

In the MLM business model, sales are based on direct contact between business partners and customers – bypassing the traditional route of supplier to storefront. For example, Ellie, an FM World distributor, could recommend FM PURE ROYAL 809 – an FM perfume that she, as an FM world member, purchased from her national online branch at a discounted price, to her friend Laura – who likes oriental floral fragrances. Laura loves the perfume and purchases it at RRP, giving Ellie a direct profit of 30% – all of which she keeps as income. It’s really that simple!

Ellie may also wish to build her business and create a team! Depending on her team structure and sales they generate, Ellie could earn extra commission as a team leader! With us, your business can be as big or small as you wish, you don’t have to build a team, it is your choice!

FM World operates entirely on this basis – allowing its partners and business owners the power to control the path of their own career, manage their own time, and influence their own earnings. In FM’s MLM model, the FM World member is entitled to direct profit from their item sales, often tallying up to 30% of the sale value.

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FM Membership Tiers and Business Partner Types

We know that your unique requirements are important to you. That’s why FM World has developed an exclusive two-tier free membership system, catering to those who’d just like to shop with us and take advantage of member discounts, and those who also are looking to sell and make a profit, as well as potentially to start their very own FM team.

Join Us as an FM Preferred Customer

Our preferred customer tier allows perfume lovers, cosmetics enthusiasts, and everyone in-between to create an FM account, and access a discount of up to 30% on all of our best-selling luxury products, alongside exclusive promo events and FM discount codes! The best part? It’s 100% free.

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The perfect option for those looking to turn their member savings into income, the distributor tier will allow you to sell your choice of FM products for a direct profit, earn extra commission. This option is also free and you could access bonuses, and unlock incentives including our ‘Drive for Success’ luxury car scheme.

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Discover FM World’s Product Lines

FM is most well known for its wide range of world-renowned luxury perfumes - but our product lines don’t end there.

Federico Mahora Fragrances

FM Perfumes

Our wide range of best selling fragrances for both men and women is world-famous for good reason. With brilliant bottles available across every branch of the fragrance family, you’re bound to find your next signature scent with us. Discover expertly blended fragrances at affordable prices with no compromise on quality today.

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Federico Mahora Makeup

FM Cosmetics

Indulge in a world of opulence with our wide range of cosmetics, makeup, and skincare products. Whether you’re looking for makeup with all the benefits of a mineral-infused ingredient list or an exclusive line of gorgeous beauty products in luxury packaging, our classic FM cosmetics and new Ayala lines are the perfect addition to your cosmetics collection!

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Become the best version of yourself with FM World’s renowned range of nutritional supplements. Nutricode’s sachets and vitamin powders work to help the body regain its natural balance – fighting the effects of everyday stress, fatigue, pollution, and irregular meals. Browse our product range to discover goal-driven Nutricode offerings, from weight loss to hair, skin, and nail health. Feel the effects of a healthy body – and live a healthy life.

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FM Home and More

FM World’s online catalogue is always expanding – delivering expertly designed luxury items loved by business partners and customers alike, year on year. From haircare and tanning to home fragrances and nutrition, the extended FM range is the perfect mix of high-quality products with an option for everyone!

Discover FM Home and More

How to Build Your Income With FM World

Do you want to find out more about how the FM World opportunity could benefit you? Whether you’re interested in our range of perfume, makeup, and home products, are looking for exclusive discounts, or want to increase your income by creating a direct sales empire, you’ll find everything you need to know in our business presentation here: 


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‘How does FM World Work?’ Your FAQs Answered:

Everything you need to know about FM World UK. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Contact Us

Selling products online has never been easier with the number of users active on social media. Harnessing the power of selling FM World products via the internet will allow you to reach a much larger audience, even globally – making it your best bet at success! There are many ways in which you can entice your audience and grow your team, but using these simple tricks can help get the most out of your efforts. 

  • Use blogs!

Creating a website with good, consistent content will enhance your audience’s brand affinity, helping them trust what you have to say about FM’s products. Google will also read your content and could potentially put you on their results page for any related queries your audience may have, giving your business high levels of visibility. 

  • Sell on Facebook and Instagram

As two of the most successful social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram offer vast opportunities for both free and paid advertising. If you have the capability to grasp this then do not hesitate! Creating your audience and targeting them with ads will help to gain a solid foundation of who you want to target and why. If you’d like to go the free route, simply create a Facebook group consisting of your existing and potential customer base, and get posting! 

Want more in-depth tips and tricks to being an online success? Read our dedicated blogs!

If you are a big fan of FM products and keep coming back for more, we want to show our appreciation for your ongoing support and love. Signing up as an FM World preferred customer will grant you up to a 30% discount on all products – from perfume, hair and skincare to candles, home accessories and supplements. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on this amazing free opportunity. 

Want to know how to sign up? Simply visit our ‘get started’ page, open the registration form, fill in all the relevant information and select the ‘preferred customer’ option. Once submitted, you will shortly receive an email with a clickable link to confirm your FM World membership. Log-in details for our online store will follow, allowing you to shop instantly!

Joining FM World will open endless possibilities for you, your lifestyle, and your earnings. There are options for everyone; catering for those that want to pursue a career in the multi-level marketing industry, or providing FM product fanatics with the opportunity to shop at discounted rates. The process to join FM World might be easier than you think – fill in a simple sign-up form and a couple of emails later, you will be ready to get started! 

Once you are registered as an FM World member, you will have access to incredible, limitless coaching and information to help you be the best business partner you can be. Working with a group of other members will help you learn sales techniques and grow your own client base, whilst earning yourself and your team monthly points!

Points are FM World’s way of measuring your success as a distributor. The more you’re able to obtain in a month, the larger your bonus potential and more incentives you’ll have access to! In short, purchases/referrals made earn a certain amount of points – these are accumulated throughout the month and the total points earned and structure of your team will determine a commission result.

There are many ways to earn said points throughout your FM World journey. For example, if a business partner makes a Nourishing Hand Cream sale for £10.50, they will earn 30 personal points from that product – note: all awarded points will differ between all of our FM World products. All sales and their points are added up during the month and an effectiveness level will be determined, this is known as personal points.

Group points are based on you and your team’s sales, these a great way to encourage members to support their team. The group points and structure of your team determine your bonus level and team commission amount.

In 2004, Mr Artur Trawiński created a unique perfume business that has since quickly taken the world by storm. At the beginning of FM World, there were 80 fragrances on offer in the form of perfumes, aftershaves, pheromones, and shower gels. Now spanning across multiple lines FM World has over 1200 products from perfumes, cosmetics, home accessories, health supplements and more!   

All of our products are formulated with the finest of ingredients and separated into smaller, specific brands to allow focus and improvements to be applied wherever possible. UTIQUE, PURE and PURE ROYAL are our famous fragrance collections and FONTAINVAVIE specialises in science-driven technologies, offering the solution to your skincare needs. FEDERICO MAHORA includes our incredible makeup and cosmetic formulas. If you’re after fitness supplements then opt for our NUTRICODE range of health systems to assist in all areas of your life, from general nutrients to specific concerns such as consistent fatigue. 

Find out what FM World has to offer in the latest catalogues.

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