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28 April 2023


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The FM World Fast Start Incentive: Earn Up to £1,200 in Bonuses! 

FM World UK loves helping its brand new entrepreneurs get the best possible start in business – so much so that they’ve developed an exclusive set of incentives just for new starters!

Welcome to ‘Fast Start’ – our business-building incentive powered by huge cash rewards. It offers new distributors the chance to earn up to £1,200 in bonuses within their first 3 months of business. All you’ll have to do is meet the effectiveness level targets listed below, and reap the rewards!  

FM Incentives Fast Start

The Fast Start Scheme 

So, how exactly does the Fast Start incentive work? Read more to discover how you could earn cash bonuses with FM World:

Month 1 – Build Your Business  

In your first month as a FM member, you’ll have complete freedom to develop your business as you see fit with no upfront incentive targets to meet. With this being said, if you’d like to earn cash bonuses, remember team building in your first month could help your group points be higher in the upcoming months!

Month 2 – 15% Effectiveness = £400 Bonus    

If you’ve achieved 15% effectiveness by the end of your second month, you’ll be rewarded with a generous £400 cash bonus. The benefits don’t end there though – this is just the beginning! 

Month 3 –  21% Effectiveness =  £800

Keep up your hard work in the following month of business, and achieve 21% level and you’ll earn a fantastic £800 cash bonus, bringing your total to a huge £1,200 on top of direct profits! 

The Second Chance Incentive

If you’ve been with us for two months and were unaware of the Fast Start incentive, or have just missed out on your goals, don’t worry! The ‘Second Chance’ incentive could help. Simply stick to the following targets to earn up to £600 in cash bonuses.

Months 1 and 2 – Build Your Business

The Second Chance incentive lets new distributors build their business for both months one and two, allowing more time than ever to build towards that all-important first incentive target. 

Month 3 – 15% Effectiveness = £200 Bonus

Under the Second Chance incentive, you can still earn a £400 bonus by achieving the 15% effectiveness level in month 3.

Month 4 – Maintain Your Effectiveness 

In month 4, you’ll need to maintain the 15% effectiveness level you met last month. Keep pushing forward though – a big reward is just around the corner!

Month 5 – 21% Effectiveness = £400

If, in month 5, you reach 21% effectiveness, you’ll earn a further £400 cash bonus, bringing your total to £600!

Want to find out more about the Fast Start incentive including all the terms and conditions (including the 60/40 rule)? Log in to your FM World account, and click through to the incentives page.  

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