FM World Incentives

Our business partners know that a career with FM World offers huge income potential, but the benefits don’t stop there. Have you heard that each and every member of the FM family has exclusive access to our amazing incentive and bonus schemes within their country?

FM World’s inclusive incentive programmes bring big bonuses within easy reach. Whether you’re just looking for a little extra help to get your business off the ground or want to earn rewards as you thrive, we’ve got an option for everyone – including our car incentive programme, cash bonuses, and luxury holiday rewards!

Which incentive rewards will you qualify for this year?

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Discover FM World’s Latest Incentives and Bonus Schemes

FM World UK New Member Incentives

We understand that rewards make a big difference to those just starting out with FM World. That’s why FM developed a set of incentives exclusive to new members. Take advantage of the bonus schemes below to build your business from the very beginning, and treat yourself to the brilliant benefits of becoming an FM partner today. Discover our latest FM World UK new member incentives:

Our experienced team leaders are always available to lend a helping hand. If you’re unsure of the terms of any of the incentives above, or feel like you’re in need of a business tip or two, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your sponsor.

Exclusive FM World UK Distributor Incentives

FM World’s distributor business partners are the heart of our vibrant, entrepreneurial community – and therefore have access to some of our best incentive and bonus schemes! From our car programme to luxury breaks, big bonuses, and added discounts, our distributor incentives are designed to reward FM members’ hard work and triumphs, both big and small.

If you’d like to work towards any of the above incentives, be sure to consult your structure leader/sponsor for further details and support! They’ll be happy to help you meet even your biggest goals.

Incentives Available to all FM World UK Business Partners

FM World believe that all successes should be rewarded – from everyday victories to ongoing business growth. This set of incentives is available to all FM World UK members – whether you’ve just joined, or are at the helm of your very own FM World team and empire! Click on the individual incentive posts below to learn more about the rewards you could earn – and start working towards your goals today!

To find out more about the goals you’ll need to meet to earn each of our incentives, and the full terms and conditions of all these incentives, you’ll need to login to the business partner zone as a FM member and visit the Incentives section. We can’t wait to celebrate your achievements!

Other FM World Benefits

The benefits of joining FM World don’t stop at our incentives!

How to Join FM World

Are you interested in signing up as an FM business partner and gaining access to the amazing incentives above? We’ve made it simple - and 100% free - to get started.

  1. Sign Up

    It’s easy to get started with FM World! To join our team, simply fill out our simple sign-up form, click send, and our experts will do the rest. Don’t worry – you don’t need to pay any fees or buy a starter kit – joining us as a member is 100% free.

  2. Sponsor Discussion

    Becoming an FM business partner is all about doing things your way. Once you’ve joined , your sponsor will connect with you about what you are looking for from FM and your goals. They’ll also make sure you’re signed up for all the training you’ll need to succeed!

  3. Start Earning

    Our in-demand, well-loved products make selling easy and natural. Remember – you can sell to anyone! Your profit will be the direct mark-up from your sales – meaning your earning potential is huge.

  4. Create your own Structure – become a Sponsor!

    By building your own group of independent business partners, you’ll earn extra money depending on the point turnover achieved by your group and the structure of your group.
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FM World Incentives FAQs

Everything you need to know about FM World UK. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Contact Us

FM World understands that all successes should be celebrated, large or small. From your very first sale to your thousandth and beyond, we aim to reward you for each of your wins. Our incentive schemes do just that – offering an extra token of appreciation for your work on top of your direct profits. FM World incentives are based primarily on your effectiveness level – with each new tier unlocking new incentives and potential rewards, from holidays to cars. In order to claim some of our bigger rewards, you’ll need to rally together your FM World team, working together to achieve the highest possible number of group points. Put simply, more sales mean more points and more points mean more incentives. It really is that easy!

The FM World car plan is one of our most popular and long-standing incentives, giving hundreds of successful business partners freedom of movement alongside the flexibility and financial opportunities they experience as independent entrepreneurs. Put simply, the car scheme awards our most successful team members with money towards payments for a car of their choice. Mercedes, Audis and Range Rovers are popular with many leaders. Business partners qualify for this incentive based on their level, structure and points that they achieve on a monthly basis – and how consistently this target is met. For example, Emma, an FM World business partner, may need her team to gather 50,000 points for two months in a row in order to earn payments intended for the lease of a brand new Mercedes A-Class. This is just an example, all incentive rewards are subject to the full terms and conditions of those incentives.

FM World is proud to offer its business partners commission on top of direct sales profits – giving people across the world the opportunity to build a substantial income across multiple sources. Whilst those simply looking to set up their own business and sell products directly to customers can earn commission of up to 30% per sale, entrepreneurs willing to introduce others to the FM opportunity and build their very own team may also earn commission based on the sale of those in their ‘downline’. But it doesn’t end there. For each and every product purchased from FM with the intent of selling for retail prices, our business partners earn points – which can be contributed towards a group total and used to claim further commission, bonuses, and incentives, from luxury holidays to cars.

FM World is proud to operate an extensive bonus and incentive scheme – after all, why shouldn’t our business partners’ successes be rewarded? On top of existing commission and direct profit schemes, available to all distributors, FM World offers access to a wide range of incentives – earned through a simple points and structure system. Rewards vary from additional bonuses to luxury holidays and cars! All you’ve got to do to earn is try your very best, and the points will follow!

For example, when Lydia or one of her team orders Nutricode Slim Body System for themselves or one of their customers Lydia gets 335 points. Taking into account all the products ordered by team members over time, these points really do add up!

A car bonus is traditionally a scheme offering a company car or leased vehicle in exchange for an employee’s outstanding performance. Typically reserved for high-position executives in large organisations, FM World has made the ‘car bonus’ achievable for anyone with enthusiasm and drive. Offering money towards lease payments for luxury vehicles including Mercedes, Audis, and Range Rovers, FM aim to celebrate their business partners’ success, with multiple tiers and options available. Simply get started with FM World, build your team, and start earning points – every single one of which could help you today’s your car bonus goal.

To find out more about FM World’s car bonus, read the incentives page above.