utique perfumes from fm world

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22 October 2016


Strong Habet Team

FM World Launches Utique Perfumes

Today in London, we experienced the FM World UK launch of three mystical unisex fragrances – Utique perfumes in Ruby, Utique Black, and Utique Gold.

Utique is a new name in the universe of luxury perfumes and cosmetics, arranged like a bouquet of sensorial variations. Composed of beauty, equilibrium and vitality. Created to affect our existence by adding a touch of luxury to everyday moments. To make life full of passion. Utique is excellence, for those who desire to escape into the world of class and sophistication.

UTIQUE Black 100ml Parfum

Gives a unique meaning to what is precious, intoxicates, captivates and enchants. It’s a scent of a secret dimension where warmth meets sensuality. UTIQUE Black is the epitome of elegance, addictiveness and confidence. An intriguing, memorable and legendary fragrance.

Head Notes: woody notes, saffron, styrax
Heart Notes: vetiver, amber, vanilla
Base Notes: leather, sandalwood, woody amber
Code: 502001

UTIQUE Gold 100ml Parfum

The essence of oriental splendour. Perfumes which dazzle like gold and are exquisite like handcrafted jewellery. An esoteric experience, desire for passion, elegant grace of temptation… UTIQUE Gold sublimes your value. Majestuous, essential, inspiring.

Head Notes: red pepper, cedarwood, nutmeg
Heart Notes: iris, saffron, vetiver
Base Notes: cypriol, patchouli, red musk, amber
Code: 502002

UTIQUE Ruby 100ml Parfum

Magnetism, passion, seduction, the most wonderful emotions locked in glass. UTIQUE Ruby is an escape from everyday life, the mystical journey into the depths of the human soul. Feel the gentle caress, let it awaken your senses. Understand the spirit of sensuality.

Head Notes: cashmere wood, jasmine, cistus
Heart Notes: vanilla, woody amber, balsamic notes
Base Notes: white oud, black musk, dry wood
Code: 502003

utique perfumes from fm world

Utique Ruby is Julita’s favourite of this new Utique perfumes collection, Roy prefers Utique Black. We would love to hear which one you like best.