What makes these new FM World Sun Care products so special?

The FM World Fontainavie Sun and Care osmetics collection has been created to provide comprehensive care for skin exposed to UV rays – from the moment of skin prep, through the sunbathing itself, to the pleasant after-care. It is distinguished by an excellent formula based on the highest quality ingredients. It’s practical and pleasant to apply and never disappoints.

Which products are in this new FM range?

Perfectly smoothens the skin and prepares it for sunbathing. Thanks to exfoliating particles made of calcareous algae, it removes dead skin cells, making the tan more even and long-lasting. It contains cotton extract, vitamin E and red algae.

fm world new fontainavie sun care

Provides protection against the negative effects of UV radiation. They contain Aloe Vera extract rich in nutrients, vitamins, amino acids, micro- and macro-elements, as well as moisturising glycerine, which soothes dry skin and regulates its renewal process.

Sun Protection Lotion is available in two versions, medium protection of SPF 15 and high protection of SPF 40. It contains mild preservatives, a high concentration of vitamin E that protects against free radicals, and more effective organic UV filters.

Thanks to its light texture, FM Moisturising Sun Protective Water is quickly absorbed by the skin without leaving any white marks. It provides the highest protection from the negative effects of UV radiation. It contains moisturising vitamin E, which additionally prevents the formation of wrinkles and premature skin aging, restoring its youthful glow and vitality. It has a pleasant floral scent.

FM NOURISHING TAN ACCELERATORFM World Fontainavie Nourishing Tan Accelerator
For the face and body, it helps to achieve a beautiful tan while conditioning the skin with natural active ingredients. Cocoa butter, carrot seed oil, and soy phytosterols perfectly nourish and moisturise, visibly improving firmness and elasticity. Thanks to perfect biocompatibility, they effectively rebuild the epidermal protective barrier. Vitamin E delays the ageing process.

Based on natural ingredients, this dry oil has a wonderful soothing effect. Thanks to sunflower, grape seed and cottonseed oils as well as vitamin E, it soothes, moisturises and smoothes the skin. Additionally, the highlighting mica particles make the skin radiant, and beautifully enhance your tan. With a light formula and quickly absorbed.

Restores the skin’s softness and elasticity. Thanks to panthenol, allantoin, and vitamin E, it intensively nourishes and soothes irritation. Hyaluronic acid and Aloe Vera moisturise and accelerate regeneration process. The gentle cooling effect relieves symptoms of sunburn. Thanks to the pleasant mousse form, it is easy to apply and is quickly absorbed. It is suitable for face and body and for all skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin.

How can I purchase these new Sun Care products?

If you are already a member of FM World you can login on the online shop. However, if you are not a member yet then you can register for free as either a Preferred Customer or Distributor, it is simple to do.

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