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28 April 2023


Strong Habet Team

The FM World Pointsmania Incentive: Get 25% off Perfume!

Are you an FM World distributor? Whether you’ve been building your FM empire for years or just joined us, we’ve got a brand new incentive you’re bound to love! ‘Pointsmania,’ is here to reward your success – offering an exclusive 25% discount on all your favourite FM Pure perfumes. Want to learn how to claim this exciting incentive? Read on!  

FM Pointsmania incentive

Exclusive FM Perfume Discounts 

Pointsmania rewards hard-working, successful FM distributors like you. In order to qualify for its exclusive discounts, all you have to do is register, and reach our attainable personal points targets! Here’s a quick breakdown of how it works:

Reach 400 personal points –  Get 1 FM perfume bottle at 25% off

Reach 800 personal points – Get 2 FM perfume bottles at 25% off 

Reach 1,200 personal points – Get 3 FM perfume bottles at 25% off

With this special promotion, you can purchase some of our bestselling perfumes at just £12.75 each! 

Not sure how to earn personal points? Don’t worry – it really is simple! Each of our products is worth a certain number of points. For example, a purchase of our Nutricode SlimBody System is usually worth 335 points. In ordering anything from perfume to cosmetics and home products from the FM distributor store, whether on behalf of your customers, for yourself, or to build stock, you’ll add to your personal points total! Visit our blog post on earning FM points to learn more. 

The more points you earn, the more bottles of perfume you can claim using this amazing discount! And the fun doesn’t stop there do the same the following month and you get even more discounted Pure perfumes. In fact during 2023 you could get more and more discounted bottles each month on this incentive.

To find out more about Pointsmania, including all the terms and conditions, log in to your FM World account and click through to the incentives page.

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Looking for FM World or perfume discounts? You’re in the right place. FM distributors are able to purchase our luxury perfumes at exclusive trade discounts of up to 30% – whether for themselves or with the intent to sell to customers for a profit. Plus, they’re able to take advantage of incentives like this one, Fast Start, Smart Start, New Levels, and Stairway to Success, offering commission, money off, and more! 

Sign up as a distributor for free using the link below. With access to exclusive discounted prices, extensive training materials, and huge incentives, there’s never been a better way to buy perfume at great prices, and build a business in the process. 

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