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Federico Mahora Fragrances

FM Perfumes

Captivate the senses with FM World’s extensive range of high-concentration perfumes and aftershaves. Embodying affordable luxury, our collection of best-selling bottles covers each and every element of the fragrance family, from captivating floral accords and decadent gourmands to seductive spices, aromatic woody notes and everything in between. Discover your next signature spray and unlock the power of scent.

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FM World Perfume Pure Royal

Federico Mahora Makeup

FM Cosmetics

Embrace and enhance your unique features with Federico Mahora makeup – an exclusive cosmetics line rooted in luxury, opulence, and simply gorgeous results. Featuring a showstopping collection of handbag essentials, vanity centrepieces, and high-performance shades from bright and brilliant to ‘barely-there’ and natural, the FM cosmetics range offers beauty lovers across the globe a touch of luxury, every day.

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FM World Makeup


FM Anti-Ageing Skincare

Seeking soft, supple skin? FM World’s Fontainavie skincare range could be your ideal solution. Developed by leading skincare specialists, Fontainavie combines the latest dermatological technology, groundbreaking ingredients, and a touch of magnificence in its best-selling collection of anti-ageing creams, serums, masks, patches, and more. Ideal for both face and body.

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FM World Anti Ageing Skincare Fontainavie



Become the best version of yourself with FM World’s renowned range of nutritional supplements. Nutricode’s sachets and vitamin powders work to help the body regain its natural balance – fighting the effects of everyday stress, fatigue, pollution, and irregular meals. Browse our product range to discover goal-driven Nutricode offerings, from weight loss to hair, skin, and nail health. Feel the effects of a healthy body – and live a healthy life.

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Sell FM Nutricode


FM Haircare

Achieve salon-worthy hair whatever your hair type with FM World’s HairLab line. From curl-enhancing shampoos, hydrating conditioners, and colour-enhancing masks to expertly formulated hairspray, enriching oils, best-selling hairsprays and more, our fully-tailored, scientifically-developed HairLab products offer an everyday solution for each and every hair condition.

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FM World Hair Products


FM Home and More

Envelop your home in the world’s most beautiful scents. Designed for fragrance lovers across the globe, FM World’s exclusive PureHome fragrances, wax melts, candles, mists, air freshers, and incense bring the magic of perfume out of the bottle and into your abode. Simply select your product and enjoy your favourite Federico Mahora scents for hours at a time.

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FM Cosmetics Pure Home

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FM World Products FAQs

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FM World’s product range has come a long way from its exclusive focus on perfume in 2004. Alongside its immense growth and success in recent years, the company has opted to expand into other markets, building equally luxurious, high-quality, and affordable lines of makeup, skincare, home fragrance, nutrition, and skincare products, with the final total of items available for purchase reaching over a thousand. With so many best-selling and beloved products to explore and new ones launching all the time, both you and your customers will be spoilt for choice.

To view FM’s full range of products, why not visit our online catalogue, or register for free as a preferred customer or distributor to view our entire range online with an added discount?

When starting out in FM as a business partner, it is free to sign up and access the fabulous FM member discounts of around 30%. Because FM appreciate that a great way to earn trust and brand affinity with your target audience is to prove that you know your way around our products, there are also special extra discounts during your first 10 days.

This exclusive Smart Start incentive means that you can select FM products at a huge saving to help you experience the products for yourself and create your own personally selected small collection of demo items to show others.

FM World sells a wide range of luxury products at an affordable price point through its business partners, and the business partners’ online stores. Its ever-growing selection includes (but is not limited to) perfume (including the FM PURE and Utique ranges), cosmetics, home fragrance, nutrition, and hair care products.

A full range of products can be viewed in FM’s online catalogue, or at a discount on our online store, accessible by signing up for free as a preferred customer or distributor. To create an account with FM World and start shopping, simply fill in our simple registration form.

FM World has been manufacturing perfumes for women and men in partnership with a luxury fragrance developer since 2004. Equipped with the world’s most luxurious perfume ingredients, from bases to individual notes, and formulas designed to compete in quality with that or leading perfumiers, FM World has been able to produce a wide range of bottles across each and every fragrance family, all of which have received rave reviews, and some of which have become classics! If you’re hesitant about placing an order online, why not get in touch with an FM World representative? They’ll be able to provide a sample of any FM fragrance on your mind, helping you decide on your next signature scent.

FM World products – in particular, perfumes – are known for providing ultimate luxury at a fraction of the price of others on the market. But why exactly are they so cheap? The secret lies in the company’s intelligent business model. By diverting funds away from large advertising campaigns and storefronts, and instead, investing in the income of their business partners around the world via the MLM model, FM World is able to focus on two things – the quality of their products, and distribution. With no glossy magazine prints, celebrity sponsorships, designer packaging, or retail space to factor into the final price of their bottles, FM can keep prices low, and satisfaction high. After all, it’s what’s inside that counts!

FM Perfume Samples