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Browse to your heart’s content with the latest online FM World UK catalogue. Discover and order the latest products from FM exclusive lines including our bestselling FM Pure and Pure Royal perfumes, luxury Utique collection, Fountainavie skincare, Alaya makeup, Pure Home fragrances, Nutricode supplements, and more.

Why Choose FM World?

True Luxury for Less

FM World aim to deliver only the very best. From concentrated perfume crafted by leading luxury perfumiers to stunningly packaged, expertly formulated cosmetics – our online catalogues offer opulence for all. Plus, with us, high quality doesn’t always mean a high price point.

Beauty for All

Whether you’re interested in home, hair, beauty, nutrition, or our popular perfumes, you’ll be sure to find your next ‘must have’ product in our online FM catalogue! Our perfume range alone features hundreds of fabulous fragrances, from delicate florals to masculine musks.

Stunning Design

The sleek aesthetic of our Federico Mahora perfume bottles can be seen on dressers and Instagram pages across the globe. From Pure Home diffusers and wax melts to Alaya cosmetics, each and every FM product is designed to be as beautiful as both their contents and the home they’re used in.

Proudly Ethical

FM World is a proudly fair and ethical organisation. Each member of our FM family benefits from our fair principles and commitment to free training, and good working conditions. Our dedication to good goes further than this though – much of our packaging is eco-friendly and our products are not tested on animals.

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With us, you’ll get to enjoy running your store at your pace. Whether you’d like to make a little income on the side of your full-time job or build a team and fragrance empire, we’ll support you every step of the way, with no pesky compulsory start-up costs or targets to meet.

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FM World UK Catalogue FAQs

Everything you need to know about FM World UK, Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Contact Us

FM World sells a wide range of luxury products at an affordable price point through its business partners. Its ever-growing selection includes (but is not limited to) perfume (including the PURE and PURE ROYAL ranges), cosmetics, home fragrances, nutrition, and hair care products.

A full range of products can be viewed in FM’s online catalogue seen above, or at a discount on our online store, accessible by signing up for free as a preferred customer or distributor. To create an account with FM World and start shopping, simply fill in our simple registration form.

We understand how much FM customers love browsing our catalogues – so have made finding them easier than ever! The latest FM World catalogue is out and ready to be read and downloaded – you can find it on this catalogue page of our website for free! Whether you’re new to FM and simply want to do some shopping for yourself, or are an FM World distributor looking to introduce your customers to the latest products, this perfume-packed guide is the perfect place to start.

If you’re browsing and are unsure of which products would best suit you, feel free to speak to our friendly and knowledgeable FM distributors today! They’ll be happy to assist you.

FM World’s product range has come a long way from its exclusive focus on perfume in 2004. Alongside its immense growth and success in recent years, the company has opted to expand into other markets, building equally luxurious, high-quality, and affordable lines of makeup, skincare, home fragrance, nutrition, and skincare products, with the final total of items available for purchase reaching over a thousand. With so many best-selling and beloved products to explore and new ones launching all the time, both you and your customers will be spoilt for choice.

To view FM’s full range of products, why not visit our online catalogue, or register for free as a preferred customer or distributor to view our entire range online with an added discount?

As FM World has a collection of thousands of products – including hundreds of perfumes – there’s no one set price! For example, the Pure parfum range is cheaper than their Intense parfum selection. The best place to find the most up-to-date prices for your FM perfume wishlist is in the most recent FM World catalogue.

In order to make browsing and shopping easier than ever, we’ve placed a catalogue page in the main navigation bar at the top of our website. Simply click through to find the latest collection of FM products and perfumes complete with clear prices.

FM World prides itself on its new product lines. In order to keep up with new trends and customer demands, it releases many new products and perfumes each year – meaning its catalogue needs to be updated on a regular basis – sometimes multiple times in one year! We understand that both distributors and customers want to keep up with recent releases easily – so have created a dedicated catalogue page on our website, seen in the main navigation above. Simply click through to view and download the most up-to-date digital free FM World catalogue complete with product prices, your favourite classic products, and brand-new releases!

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