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Sometimes, the network marketing world can be confusing. That’s why our most experienced FM World members have put together an FM World page filled with information perfect for those new to the company or considering building a business with us.

What is FM World and How Does it Work?

First established in 2004 by Polish businessman Artur Trawiński, FM World is now a leading global perfume and cosmetics supplier – operating on the network marketing model. Today, the organisation boasts a well-developed product range beyond its initial lines including nutrition, skin and hair care, make up, and home fragrances.

FM World offers people across the globe the opportunity to start their own business, enjoy their own time, and earn money doing something they love. Our business partners simply sign up, receive free access to exclusive trade discounts, and sell their products on for retail prices – keeping the profit for themselves. It really is that simple.

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Why Join FM World?

FM World helps ambitious people like you realise their dreams from anywhere, at any time. No matter your previous experience, life stage, or current circumstances, our expert network marketing team members will be happy to equip you with the knowledge and skills you’ll need to thrive as your own boss. All you’ve got to have is a desire to start your own business and succeed on your terms.

Our opportunity is truly what you make of it – with financial freedom and big income potential well within reach of many in our brilliant UK team of distributors and team leaders.

With us, you’ll get to shape your career, ambitions, and future – joining a growing community of like-minded people, and earning access to standout bonuses and commission schemes. There’s never been a better time to join.

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Types of FM World Member

Individuality is important to us. We understand that not everyone wants to meet the same goals or defines success in the same way – and that’s great! FM World has developed multiple free membership tiers. Simply select the status you feel suits you most at the moment, and move between them as you please!

Preferred Customers

Our FM preferred customer tier allows members to create an FM account, and access a discount of up to 30% on all of our best-selling luxury products, alongside exclusive online sale events and FM discount codes for personal shopping only.

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Our distributor tier allows members to start earning and building their dream lifestyle. Simply access our discounts, view exclusive training materials, and online community support to help you build your business and turn member savings into profit, incentives, and bonuses!

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FM World Incentives and Bonuses

Whilst joining FM World at any tier gives our members access to a whole host of exclusive benefits, we love to celebrate the success of our business partners. If you join FM World as a distributor, you’ll be able to work towards added sales and team-based commission goals, bonuses, and luxury incentives.

From starter bonuses designed to boost your very first profits and help build your business to efficiency awards including luxury cars, we’ve got an option for everyone.

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Join FM World Today

Are you ready to start your own FM World business and become your own boss? Our sign-up process is simple, quick, and most importantly, free! All you’ve got to do to become an official FM World business partner is fill in the online registration form.

You’ll receive all the details you need to begin building your brand new future and working towards your ambitions within minutes – with further training details on the way within days!

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FM World FAQs

Everything you need to know about FM World UK. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Contact Us

A perfume and cosmetics industry giant, FM World has been transforming the industry of everyday luxury products using the network marketing model since 2004. First established as a perfume and aftershave business, FM now offers a wide range of cosmetics, home fragrance, nutrition, skin, and hair care products – all of which are sold by thousands of independent business partners across the globe.

As an MLM organisation, FM World gives its distributors the opportunity to build their very own businesses, delivering the opportunity to gain financial freedom and flexibility, forever. They proudly provide the resources and guidance you’ll need to design your career, manage your time, and build the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. Better yet, FM World is completely free to join – with no compulsory start-up costs, and extra fees. No minimum orders or targets – and you’ll never have to hold stock.

FM World is one of the world’s largest perfume and cosmetics distributors, and a proud user of the network marketing business model. The organisation’s focus on building a genuine connection between its sales representatives and customers has allowed them to bypass traditional retail stores and advertising, investing instead in the development of luxury perfume, home fragrance, nutrition, skin and hair care products sold at affordable prices, alongside their business partners’ incomes.

To find out more about how FM World works, simply sign up! You will receive free access to exclusive trade discounts, alongside the ability to sell FM products to any customer for retail prices – keeping the profit for yourself. It really is that simple.

The acronym ‘MLM’ stands for ‘multi-level marketing’, a commonly used business model providing a brilliant alternative to traditional retail sales. Their long-established way of selling is based on the connection between a business representative and customer – bypassing storefronts and large advertising campaigns in place of a direct sale, from which the selling party traditionally keeps the profit. By spreading the word about their company through a network of empowered partners, those using the MLM model are able to save on marketing and leasing costs, investing instead in their people and products.

FM World is a proud ambassador of the MLM business model. Within their organisation, Ellie, an FM World distributor, could recommend FM PURE ROYAL 809 – an FM perfume that she, as an FM world member, purchased from her national online branch at a discounted price, to her friend Laura – who likes oriental floral fragrances. Laura loves the perfume and purchases it at RRP, giving Ellie a direct profit of 30% – all of which she keeps as income. It’s really that simple!

It is absolutely possible to make money with FM World. In fact, thanks to its unique MLM structure, you are in complete control of your income potential as a business partner. Whether you’d like to sell a few products for birthdays and holidays whilst working a full-time job in order to supplement your income or build your very own FM empire with a downline of team members, your earnings are a direct result of your efforts and preferences. Income can be achieved in multiple ways with FM World, including your direct profit of up to 30% on product sales, team commission, and points-based bonuses.

With FM World, you are in complete control of your success and the scale of your business. Whether you’d like to stock up a few products and make some sales around the holidays for some additional income or build your very own empire with team members and more, your destiny is completely up to you. Our business partners certainly believe that the opportunity is worth it, having been granted the flexibility and freedom necessary to work however and whenever they would like, alongside the opportunity to follow their passions for business, perfume, and cosmetics – whilst unlocking the opportunity to earn a substantial income in the process. If that wasn’t enough, FM World also offers a long list of achievable incentives, from cars to luxury holidays, in order to reward the successes of sponsors and distributors across the world.

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