As a member of FM World, you earn Personal Points for every product that you purchase from the company. These might be products that you use yourself or you sell to your customers.

For example, a bottle of our very popular men’s fragrance FM199 in the UK normally gains you 76 Points or a pack of our Nutricode SlimBody System is usually 268 Points.

You can increase your Points by introducing other FM members, your Personal Points and the Points of your whole team count towards your Group Points.

Once you reach 300 Group Points in a calendar month you will have reached the first bonus level of our Marketing Plan which is 3%.

Find out the different FM World commission levels and points system with our easy to use FM points chart and work out how much you can earn as a FM World business partner.

 levels in FM World Magnolia Plan

You can see your current points and bonus amount by logging into your FM Account and clicking on Current Tree. Points begin fresh at the start of each month.

As long as you are doing a minimum of 50 Personal Points personally in a calendar month you will qualify for the bonus that is showing on your tree at the end of the month.

You can find all the terms and details of the FM World Marketing Plan in the Marketing Plan Booklet.

Not yet an FM World partner? Find out more about why people just like you join FM World UK and register today to join our successful team.

Julita Habet and Roy Strong

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