Selling FM Perfumes On Your webshop

Published on

30 October 2020


Strong Habet Team

Get Your Free FM World UK Webshop

Do you know that as a member of FM World UK you now get your own webshop link for FREE?

Most people these days do at least some of their shopping online. It is an easy and convenient way to buy products, and a fabulous way to sell too.

But building your own webshop from scratch can be very time consuming. With FM the hard work has been done for you, your webshop link is live as soon as you get your id number and the company keeps the shop up to date for you.

How to Create Your FM Webshop Link

You can get your link by simply adding your FM World ID number to the end of this link:

So, for example: if your ID was 9999999 then your link would be:

Give it a try NOW, create YOUR OWN LINK!

When you click your link your webshop will open with your FM id number showing at the top, as shown in this example picture:

How to Create Your FM Webshop Link

How Your FM World Webshop Works

When you send YOUR LINK to your customers, they will be able to shop on your webshop from the comfort of their own home.

FM WORLD UK office will receive orders, prepare them and send them directly to your customers.

You will get the points and the profit (VAT exclusive) added to your FM account.

Share Your Link

Of course the only way you can earn money from your free webshop link is if people click on it and they buy products on there. Therefore, you need to be sharing your webshop link with as many people as you can.

Include your link in the about section on your social media profiles, add it to the end of your emails, share the link with your friends and ask them to share it with their contacts for you too. Add the link to call to actions on Facebook and other social media posts, for example: Shop Online NOW! (your webshop link)

Make it part of your daily action habits to share your link with new people every day.

Not already an FM World member? Sign up now in order to create your free webshop.