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How To Login To Your Account And Use Company Website

To login use your ID number and password (provided by email from FM World – if you have not seen the email yet contact


Business Partners Zone

In Business Partner’s Zone you will be able to see latest news, your account details and your points, level you at and your bonuses, as well as your team once you start inviting people to your team. You will also find Top 10 Products, Stock Updates, Business Tools Downloads and Incentive Programmes.


How To Shop Online

Click on the basket in top right hand corner of company website to go to online shop or simply click here.

FM Group Shop Online

You will be asked to login using same id number and password. Go to the shopping basket where you can find special offers waiting for you during your first 10 days.

Have great fun shopping!


How To Upgrade To Distributor Status

To be able to upgrade you simply need to email or phone the FM office and tell them you wish to upgrade.

By becoming a Distributor you will be able to build a team and have the opportunity to qualify for team bonuses.

There are many more super incentive rewards waiting for you for both personal sales and team building.

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