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26 January 2018


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Your Guide to Online Parties

Facebook parties are a fantastic way to sell more products and to grow your team. One of the ways to do online parties is to run the party as a Facebook group for 10 days.

For each party you should create a separate Facebook group. The cover photo for the group should include a picture of the host, as that will be the person that the guests know.

Your Host

You need to work with your host to make the party a success. There are two options for your host to benefit from the party.

FM online parties

The first is they could join your FM team and get their own free UK customer webshop. This could then be used as an easy way for customers at the party to order and the host would get the webshop commission directly into their FM account. You would of course get the group points and have a new team member.

If they don’t want to join, then the sales from party would go to yourself. What rewards you offer the host with this option is entirely up to you, but you could for example give them 10% in free products based on sales from the party and extra gift for some of the guests also booking online parties.

Explain to your host how the party will work, you can copy and paste some wording from this guide if you wish.

First Posts

Your first post on the group should be a welcome video, in this video you should say your name and thank the host for giving you opportunity to share your love of FM products with his or her friends. Let them know 3 things they will learn during the party, for example, the big mistake that people make when putting on fragrances and where they should be spraying them. Tell them how much fun the party is going to be and you are really looking forward to it.

When the welcome video and a few pictures have been posted, the host can then add their friends to the party group.

DO NOT SHARE YOUTUBE LINKS, as that will take people away from your party group. All videos that you post into group should be live or recorded ones uploaded directly to Facebook.

Videos should be 3 minutes or less, you want to keep the attention, short live videos – even just 1 minute ones, get the most views on Facebook.

Your first day is the intro day, you could share the first thing that you promised them that they would learn in the welcome video.

Types of Posts for Online Parties

It is best to do 3 posts a day for 10 days including 1 to 2 videos per day, live videos are best done in evening around 8pm as that is when more people watch them live.

YOUR MUST BE CONSISTENT WITH YOUR POSTS for your online parties to be active and successful.

Your host should also be posting and tagging some guests in your posts. If host can do a video too that is even better.

Second day focus on one type of products including a video on that.

Third day is the same process but different products focus.

All product pictures should be you, the host or someone else with the product, the product in action or before / after pictures. Morning and lunchtime are good for pictures.

When posting pictures, these should just be one at a time, not multiple pictures or collages, unless collage is before and after picture. The reason for this is when you post just one picture it will show much larger on the guests’ screens. Remember most people will be looking at the party on their mobile phone, and you need to get their attention.

You can also do FAQ post with frequently asked questions and answers to them.

An about me post, where you briefly share your FM story. Your favourite FM products and why. The host could share about their favourites too.

Beauty and perfume tips are good, for example about the different strength of fragrances or why make up palettes are so useful.

Get your friends who have used products to post testimonials in group, or post a screenshot of a text / Facebook message of the testimonial they have sent you.

Include one or two posts during the 10 days where you are inviting guests to have their own party.

Within one of your video posts you can mention that you are looking for people who would like to earn money with FM too.

When someone orders, take a picture of yourself with that product if you have it and post in group to say thank you and tag them in it.

Message customer as soon as you can to say thank you for their order and invite them to your vip customer group.

Bump up your posts by commenting on them or tagging host or guest in the comments. Host can do this for your posts as well.

Building Connections Through Online Parties

It is very important to encourage host to promote group and to post in group as host’s friends will see those posts in newsfeed more than they see your posts.

You could create a custom url in Facebook for each group and include host name, that will make it easier for host to share group.

Don’t worry if some parties do not produce many orders, your main aim from a party is to increase your network of contacts which will lead to more customers and more potential team members.

building network of connections

Accept friend requests from party guests, build a connection with them. If the host has joined your FM team, then the sponsor of the guest should be the host. If host has not joined, then you can sponsor the guests anywhere you wish in your team.

If doing multiple parties at once (this is a good idea once you have done your first few parties), post onto your personal profile first and then share into each group with a sentence specific to that group.

After the party, make sure you follow up with the customers to see how they are getting on with the products they purchased, get testimonial from them, invite them to have their own party and / or join FM World too. You’ll soon see just how successful online parties can be for your FM business!