Whatever your New Year’s resolutions are in January, if you are like millions of other people you have given up on them by end of February and come Easter the commitments you made to change your life at the start of the year are a distant memory.

If you can relate to this, you are not alone, it has happened to us all.

Why does this happen? It is because you are trying to do something that you won’t be able to stick to. For example, you might join a gym, even go along there and exercise for a few weeks, cut out alcohol for a while or not get those chocolate biscuits at the supermarket. However, if you don’t exercise for a few days then starting it up again gets harder, you have the one beer and suddenly you are drinking again and you congratulate yourself on the few pounds you have lost by getting your favourite chocolate bar. Does that sound familiar?!

woman with personal trainer doing sit ups in gym

Too many people make the mistake of going crazy with hours each day on a running machine or staving themselves of food, they might become a bit lighter, but as soon as they stop those extra pounds go back on.

Losing weight and getting healthy takes a change of lifestyle and a commitment to eat the right things and exercise regularly on an ongoing basis, not just a few weeks or months.

So when you want to improve your health, think about what changes you can make and will be able to stick to long-term. Smaller actions done continually work far better than big gestures made a short time.

When it comes to your goals for increasing your income and building your business, you need to decide on time you are going to do it in a similar way.

Selling some products to your friends when you start, will earn you some money, but to build a business you need to take consistent action.

How many people each week are you going to show the samples and catalogues to? How many product testimonials are you going to get? What hours can you commit to on social media to promote your FM business?
How many new names are you going to add to your contact list each day?

Be realistic, don’t say “I’m going to show my samples to 100 people each week” if you know that you can only have the time to see 20 new potential customers a week.

Commitment doesn’t just matter for you in achieving your goals, it matters for the people you tell about the products or business too.

In network marketing especially there is an accumulative effect to the work you put in. For example, someone you spoke to six months ago who no to joining FM World might now be ready to join, but if they no longer see you are busy building your FM business, then they might not decide to join under you.

Decide on what you want to achieve, how much time and effort you are genuinely willing to regularly put into it and then take that action, every day, every week, each month.

One of the main things we have learnt in this business is that it is consistency that brings success, so please share this advice with your team members too.

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Julita Habet and Roy Strong

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