how to advertise online

Published on

18 February 2017


Strong Habet Team

How to Advertise Online

We have a lot of fantastic info on this blog about how to promote your FM business online, so we thought that it would be really helpful for you if there was a simple summary of the steps you should take to make your online advertising more effective and successful. Keep reading to learn how to advertise online across search and social:

how to advertise online

Step 1 – Avoiding Mistakes

The first thing you need to do is check that you are not making any of the common mistakes that people do on social media – see our blog post on social media mistakes.

Step 2 – Creating Your Audience

You then need to decide on who you are going to advertise to. Why not consult our helpful guide?

Step 3 – Targeting Your Audience

Now you know your target audience, how are you going to find them? On Facebook it is very easy – follow our simple steps to identifying your ideal FM segments.

Step 4 – Creating Adverts

We created our own superb adverts, learn how we did it in this social media advertising guide.

Step 5 – Free Advertising

It is also possible to advertise without a budget. Why not read our top tips on advertising online for free.

Step 6 – Lead Capture Page

One thing that can make the difference between wasting your money advertising online and getting results is having a lead capture page and autoresponder. Find out how you can get both together in our guide to creating lead capture pages.

Step 7 – Following Up Leads

As well as setting up autoresponders, you do also need to contact your prospects. Find out what to say with our handy easy-to-follow script.

We hope you found this information useful, please feel free to share it with your team members too.