Two Friends Meeting In A Cafe

Published on

27 August 2016


Strong Habet Team

How To Approach Old Contacts

Pick 3 to 6 people that you have not seen for over 12 – 18 months and send them a text message, for example:

Hi, it would be great to catch up. Are you available for a coffee this week or next?

If they try and phone you back, don’t take the call, and just message back to say you are busy at moment but you chat to them when you meet up.

When you meet up with them, say “It is great to see you, so let’s catch up, what have you been doing the last 12 months?” (or however long it is since you see this person last time)

Stay focused, be natural, give the person attention and listen what they are saying, keep asking them questions related to what they are telling you, to show that you are interested and to keep them talking about themselves.

Two Friends Meeting In A Cafe

It is all about the person, not you and not your business, open your mind, give them the time, the results will be:

1. She / he will have a great time – because actually someone was listening to them and focus on them

2. If it is not to natural she /he will find out that you are doing for some reason – but as long as you are doing naturally all will be fine.

And then you say : It was great to catch up with you ! It would be great to see you again next week , I would love to hear more.

(make sure the first appointment is limited to about 45-60 minutes max)

And when you see them next time, they will probably ask about you. What have you been doing last 12 Months – and NOW is a time to say your story !

Story is very important, so write down YOUR story follow these 4 steps (you should practice it every day):

1. Tell them about your background

2. Tell them what you didn’t like about it

3. The solution that you found (your FM World business)

4. How excited you are about your future

You need to write your story and practice everyday – so it will become very natural to you.