How To Be A Mum And A Business Owner

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22 November 2020


Strong Habet Team

How To Be a Mum and a Business Owner

Every mother wants her child to be energetic, creative and happy. However, not every mum knows that for the child to be “energetic, creative and happy” – she must be energetic, creative and – naturally – happy herself. A mother is an essential element in shaping personality, and consequently, the child’s future too.

How To Be A Mum And A Business Owner

There is no better health, education and security for a child than a mother who has self-esteem, who knows how to be creative and is a fulfilled woman. Someone who understands what personal development is – both in professional life and private areas of life. Without development there is stagnation, stagnation leads over time to frustration. Nobody wants to be frustrated. But what if someone is afraid of failure? “I do not manage it, do not give advice, it is beyond my power” – such thoughts can each paralyze you for years. The same solution will not come. But, as reportedly said Lao Tzu – “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. I want you on this” journey ” with me 🙂

We all know that we owe Edison for inventing the bulb. Thanks to him, lives of people around the world have changed. Ingenious invention brought him fame and money. But before that happened, as we all forget, Thomas Edison had to spend years trying, failed experiments, long nights and – attention! – Losing hope of success. To turn on the light bulb, he had make a mistake more than 1000 times for that one more time to achieve his goal.

To find the energy to act now, at this moment, is enough to recall our early childhood when we were learning to overcome such things as a staircase we wanted to climb. Although it is difficult, we can recall the memories of our children who attempted their first steps more than once, fell down, but then again stood up. If asked now whether it was worth it, they would say yes. You have to have that same determination to do the same in your business.

As a business owner, I have a daily routine and I focus on my daily tasks, more than anything else my kids keep me motivated. I listen to top motivational speaker and trainer Tony Robbins to help me to focus and the fantastic network marketing expert Eric Worre provides all the skills that I need to learn to be able to grow my team.

Is it easy? Will I have to devote a lot of time? Money? And why World? Probably in your head swirls more questions. Let me answer these because they are the most common and occur most frequently.

Is it easy?  Easier than the multiplication table, Polish grammar or … giving birth 🙂 Yes, it is easy. And even if you had any at the beginning any problems, you can always count on me and Roy.

Will I have to devote a lot of time? Money? You designate as much time as you can, over time, you gain a proficiency that will allow you to choose the best parts of your day which you can assign to work on your FM World business. As for investment, it is as much as a starter kit (from £11.50), which allows you to build your own group of Preferred Customers and Distributors. As for further purchases, everything depends on your own decisions and creativity.

Why FM World? Because working with FM World you can freely manage your time, make decisions for yourself about purchases, it is your sole discretion to shape the dynamics of your career and your earnings in FM World

Energy is triggered by action. Creativity is also triggered by action. Can we, therefore, achieve happiness without action? If you know the answer, do not wait, and join my FM World group!

See you soon!