building rapport

Published on

04 March 2017


Strong Habet Team

How To Build Rapport

We are sure you heard the fact that people buy from people they like and trust, but do you know how to build rapport with others so that they are more likely to order from you or join your team?

As human beings, we naturally connect with people who are like ourselves or who are like the type of person we aspire to be. There are simple methods you can learn that will help you to attract more people to you.

Be Stylish
Before you even begin to talk with someone they will notice the clothes you are wearing, your shoes, your hair and if your posture is confident. It might sound like people are interested in style first, before substance. This is because it is true, most people are. Substance matters a lot more as they get to know you, but without them liking your style they might never even bother finding out about your character.

Ask Questions
We know people like to talk about themselves, so asking questions is a good start. In their answers look for things you have in common, and let them know if you have same interests or have had similar experiences.

two female friends building rapport

Mirroring Speech
Notice how quick or slow someone talks, adjust the pace of your speech to be closer to theirs. Are they softly spoken or loud? Match their volume.

Listen for Key Words
Are there words that they use a lot, include these words in what you say. For example if a potential customer says they are looking for an amazing face oil, when you are telling them about our Utique Luxury Face Oil don’t say it is fantastic or luxurious, say it is amazing!

Personal Space
Everyone has a distance that they prefer to stand away from people. Watch how close they stand to you and others, and keep a similar distance from them. Look out for their facial expressions, you will be able to see if you are too close. If they turn to the side when you are talking to them, it means you are too close, so step back.

Are They Tactile?
If someone touches you on the arm when they are chatting to you, do the same thing occasionally when you are talking to them. If they are not someone who does that, don’t do it as they won’t like it.

Matching Gestures
You can also copy their movements, for example if they use their hands a lot when they talk, do the same thing yourself. If you meet someone for coffee, drink at the same pace they do.

Practice these methods yourself with the next people you meet, and keep practicing them until they become very natural to you. You will notice a difference in the number of people who feel a connection with you, and who are interested in what you say and what you do.