We have a new team member and what do we do?

Often, especially at the start, we don’t know what to do and how to pass the most important info, we are afraid that something can go wrong. For some reason we don’t remember that success loves speed and that new person has nothing to lose with FM – they can only gain!

Getting started well by helping new team members create their contact list is crucial – it is one of the most important skills that we have to learn and apply correctly.

Look now what to do and how to do it . . .

Once you have completed the contact list, please pick 15 – 20 closest people to you (your HOT MARKET), that you can count on to help you.

Please use this approach . . .

let you know about my new products  let people know about complete care cream

Some people will buy, some will give you testimonials. This experience will give you your own story to use in the business in following days and in the future. Once you have your own experience with your HOT MARKET you will be able to share your OWN story.

Julita Habet and Roy Strong

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