Yesterday, we let you know about the things you needed to do before the day of your Facebook party event to make it more successful.

Today, it is all about the day of the party itself and how you can increase orders.

Party Day Things To Do

Tell your host to remind those who has said they are attending and contact those who the host thought would attend but haven’t yet said they will be attending.

Discuss with host the pre-party orders and see how close they are to being able to get the items on their wishlist.

You can also put up a post early on day of the party saying how much you are looking forward to it and tag the host.

Text / message everyone who asked to see a catalogue or made an order already to remind them about the party. Ask those who purchased something to post a testimonial or picture of themselves with the product on the event page. Get the host to tag these people in a thank you message under the person’s post.

30 minutes before the party is due to start, put a post on the event page asking the guests how they know the host. This gets them chatting and also gives you information that you can talk to host about afterwards about potential future hosts and recruits.

Make sure you let guests know how to place their orders with you.

What To Post During Party

Keep the posts during the party fun, remember it is a party! Post interesting pictures (you will find some in Helpful Downloads) and try to include some videos (you will find team videos here) and ask a fun question about the video.

Message Me To Order This Perfume

Each picture or video post should say something like, “message me to order this item for just £…………. now”.

You want to do a maximum or ten posts during the party. Ideally the party should last about 30 minutes.

You could even give points for when people get a video question right, for booking a party or asking you questions about your FM business. If you do this let them know what they can get points for give a prize to the person with most points.

Make sure you are on the event page for the whole of the party, so you respond quickly to comments and messages.

Tell guests to post up their points total following morning. This gives them chance to get extra points by booking etc and also saves you time in adding the points up yourself.

At End of Party

Tell guests some dates coming up when you are free to do more parties, and see who wants to book.

Ask guests to message you with answers to 3 questions:

1. What did you like most about the party?

2. Do you know anyone who would like to have a party or is interested in earning extra money?

3. Would you be interested in registering for free and getting discount on future orders?

Thank everyone for attending the party and thank the host. Say how much you have enjoyed it too and you look foward to seeing them all at another online party soon.

Let them know they can still place party orders until a time you decide, perhaps midday on following day.

Put up details of your Twitter, Instagram or other social media so guests can follow you on there too.

After The Party

Let host know how much free products they have got so far and also tell them how much retail profit they could have made on these orders as a member of FM. Hosts are great people to sponsor into your team.

Tell the host they can still increase party total by messaging those who couldn’t make it, showing the catalogues around again to people offline tomorrow and by putting a post up on their profile to say thanks to everyone who attended and mentioning that whether people attended or not they can still order.

Next day, put up a final post, including a picture (perhaps just of you with the words Thank You on it), that says thank you and also says that if anyone was unable to attend they can still contact you to place their order.
Just like not all home parties go ahead, not all online parties go ahead. Some will be cancelled, it is a fact of party plan that this happens. You can often spot this if there are only a few guests, the host is not responding to you or they are not being helpful. You can always reschedule the party if needed.

Online parties should not replace what else you do. They should be in addition to things like home parties, getting testimonials, selling to offices, fundraising etc, afterall you want your income to grow.

Julita Habet and Roy Strong

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