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03 January 2016


Strong Habet Team

How To Get More Facebook Fans

Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world today. It has over 1 billion active users. Thus, when you are planning to promote your network marketing business through online marketing, Facebook is a tool that you should not ignore nor the opportunity to gain Facebook fans. It exposes your business to the most important users of social networking sites that may include your target customers and potential new team members.

The fastest way of promoting your brand is by opening a Facebook page that will be containing regular updates about your business. You can then promote this page as you increase the number of Facebook fans. The most critical question that you need to ask yourself is how you will get more Facebook fans. This post outlines some ways that will help you to increase the number of fans in your Facebook account.

The key to getting more Facebook fans is designing a page that looks fun and appealing. You need to make Facebook page innovative and good so that many people are interested in clicking on it and understand more about the business.

facebook fans networking

You also need to identify the target audience where you can post your links to make the target audience access the page better. To do this efficiently requires research and some knowledge on the Facebook website.

Use your email list and encourage your subscribers to join in the fun of your Facebook page. This is very simple since you only require to send out a broadcast and asking the subscribers on whether they have already connected to your Facebook page. This will significantly increase the numbers of Facebook fans in your page and increase exposure of your business to many people.

You can also use other sources such as the Twitter account to give your Facebook page more exposure. Such sources make it easier to increase the Facebook fan page base since you have an avenue to keep on encouraging people to check out the page from time to time. The best time to attract such people is when you have posted something interesting on your Facebook page. Those people will be interested in understanding your business more and hence they will like your fan page. Some of them will share the content on their Facebook account that will be accessed by their friends’ hence increasing exposure of your business.

Your fans also have the potential to help you to increase the number of Facebook fans. You only need to interact with them, answer their enquiries, send them helpful content and encourage them to share content on their Facebook account. By doing these, you are assured of getting a high number of Facebook fans in your page.

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