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06 October 2016


Strong Habet Team

How to Get Results with a Successful Mindset

The reality is, IF you want more sales and a bigger team, you need to start improving your mindset.

Learn some powerful ways of improving your mindset, improve your income but not just that, it can help in other areas of your life too.

Make it happen so you can enjoy your life 100%!

Having the right mindset is not just about being positive when you are selling to customers, speaking to prospective team members or when you are at FM meetings. It is about developing a successful mindset all the time. Why does this matter? It will improve your life in general, but also means that when you are talking to people about the business or products you don’t have to put yourself to try too hard to be upbeat (which can come over as unnatural), because you will be automatically positive.

How can you do this? When something makes you feel down, make a note of how long you feel that way. Your aim to reduce the length of time you feel low. The most positive and successful people still have things that make them feel less positive and even angry at times, but they have learnt to get over that feeling quicker.

How you react to bad situations and how you respond to negative people is under your own control. You can let things that happen ruin your day, or you take control by thinking “ok that has happened” and then refocus your mind on the things and people in your life you are grateful for and very importantly the goals you are looking to achieve.

It is a fact that when you are feeling negative, your mind is not on your goals. So by immediately refocusing on your goals will take your mind away from negative thoughts.

Developing this successful mindset is not something that will happen immediately, it does take effort, practice and time. But if you are consistent with it, you will notice you are down for shorter lengths of time and people will spot your better attitude, all aspects of your life will improve.

Many people say that Roy and myself are always happy, but there are of course moments when each of us feels down, but neither of us ever stays that way for very long, we have learnt how to pick ourselves up fast.

People want to be around positive individuals, by working on your successful mindset, you will naturally start to attract more customers (remember people buy you first before they buy your product), more team members and more similarly positive people into your team. Your confidence will grow too.

The only person who can change your attitude is you, so start working today on being that more positive person who you deserve to be. Stop letting negative people and things that don’t go the way you want from affecting you for more than a brief moment, focus on your goals and you will take an important step towards achieving them.

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